A Bit Behind!

Okay, so it’s May 8th 2010.  We’ve just gone through an election with no outright winner!  How things are going to play out over the next few months is anyones guess. However, the seasons and weather wait for no man (or woman!) so onward and upward!!

As you will know from the ‘Triangle Farm’ page we currently have a 32′ X 24′ polytunnel of which 2/3rds is down to vegetables. Around the outside of this is my outdoor veggie plot measuring approx. 66′ x 10′.

Fortunately, despite working full time from September 2009 to March 2010 I managed to find time to get the polytunnel beds dug over and ready for the new seasons vegetables.  As Irene cannot eat potatoes any more (except in very small quantities) I’ve decided to cut down the space for potatoes and grow something else.

This year, so far, I have planted 5 rows of potatoes (Up and going well), Sweetcorn, Dwarf French Beans, Climbing French Beans (do well in the Polytnnel), Sugar Snap Peas, Mixed Salad Leaves (cut and come again), onion sets, shallots, Hispi summer cabbages, summer cauli’s, Tomatoes in Grow Bags and a couple of Butternut squash plants.

Still to go in are carrots, beetroots, leeks, broccoli, melon, cucumber, courgette, spring onions and much more.

Outside has been more of a problem.  Despite having mountains of muck from the horses I didn’t get time to put any on the plot and until this week it wasn’t even dug over!!  As luck would have it a neighbour had a rotovator for sale, so, in a few hours I managed to get the whole plot dug over and some veggies put in!!  Despite my preference for digging by hand, this has saved mountains of time and enabled me to ‘catch up’ with the season , so to speak. Only time will tell if there is a pay back for this!!



  1. Weather has been awful hasn’t it? Our season is at least 3 weeks behind this time last year and we have lost lots of perrenials, e.g. lavender just died off!
    Now managed to get some veggies in the outside beds. Cabbages, Brocolli, caulis, spuds, sweetcorn, peas, broad beans, onion sets and shallots. Still need to plant some carrots, beetroots, parsnips, Runner beans and more!!
    Have lots of plants in ‘plugs’ in the polytunnel and the strawberries are doing fine. Might be a good season after all!

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