Gets your Goat??

Sunday was ‘poo picking’ day in our rented paddock.  Ellie, our 21 yr old coloured Warmblood Cross has been lame for a while, so on the vets recommendation she and Toby, our 16 yr old coloured Irish Draft Cross have been out for a couple of weeks. Usually we bring them in every evening, so with them being out all the time is has been necessary to ‘poo pick’ on a regular basis.

Irene decided it would be a good idea to take the two adult goats (Misletoe & Marigold, 3 this year) for a walk up to the paddock to have a munch on the sprouting hedgerow!!  Despite our best efforts they refused to leave our sides and refused to go anywhere near the hedges!!

Managed to get some more veggies in the polytunnel, carrots, beetroots and spring onions and some more cabbages outside too. The raspberries are doing well in the fruit cage and the black, red and white currents are already in flower.  Spring is finally sprunging!!



  1. Hi there Triangle Farm!
    Stumbled across your new blog on wordpress and, as a new blogger myself doing something similar (but on a much smaller scale!) I wanted to wish you best of luck. Mrs Sky has always been keen to keep some goats, but me less so, so I’ll be keenly watching to see what life with them is like. I’d be interested to know what produce you’re getting from yours.

  2. Hi Wider Sky,
    It was a real suprise, pleasant one, to get your comment! Haven’t even told the family yet about the Blog and still putting things together! Thanks for your best wishes.
    Goats really are very easy to keep. They just need a dry stable, hay, a bit of feed and room to have a roam and eat a bit of grass and browse the hedgerow. They require minimal maintenance, just regular feet trimming and worming, plus they love to be brushed! (and milked of course!)
    Golden Guernsey’s are on the BARR register (Breeds at Risk Register) and are recognised by the RBST (Rare Breeds Survival Trust). Ours aren’t registered yet as they have only just removed the 6 females limit in order to register, so we will do shortly. We had 1 adult Golden Guernsey and 1 adult British Guernsey who both kidded last year and produced twins and triplets respectively, all girls!! So we now have 3 GG’s and 4 BG’s.
    As for produce. We don’t keep them for meat, although if we had an excess of males that may change, as males or not really wanted much! Apart from the milk we produce cheeses, of all descriptions, from plain soft to hard cheddar style. Haven’t tried any exotic blue cheeses yet! Lots and lots of goats milk Ice Cream made with our own duck eggs! Scrummy! Have also produced yoghurt and the excess milk we freeze but also make lots of rice puddings!!!
    Will try and post some more info real soon, and put some pictures on the other pages.

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