Its getting closer!

Pentop Allysum, the first of our goatlings due to kid, was given her Lambivac injection this weekend.  She is due in about a months time and the protection the injection offers to the mum is also passed on to the kid in the womb.  We now have to keep a careful eye on her and ensure that she is getting enough protein and mixture of roughage.  Her udder is developing nicely and she has a lovely long blonde coat, which she has inherited from her dad Rickyard Felix.  She is quite a shy goat compared to the others but recently has become more inclined to want a fuss.  This is helpful as we want her to be totally at ease with us when she comes to giving birth.  She is now in a pen on her own but her mum and sister are in the adjacent pen, so she is not really on her own.  She is getting quite large so it looks as though she is carrying at least twins – so lets hope she takes after her mother and not her aunty Marigold who had three!

The other two goatlings are coming along nicely too, lets just hope it all goes smoothly with all of them.


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