First Babies are here!

As is a Ladies perogative Pentop Allysum kept us waiting before delivering our first babies of this year.  Due on Thursday 8th March she kept us waiting until 9.20pm on Friday before giving birth to our first billy, Pentop Bramble.  Altough the labour was quite straightforward Allysum struggled a bit to get him out as he was a bit on the large side!

Her mothering instincts kicked in immediately and she began to clean him up.  Irene expressed some colostrum from mum and gave it to him in a bottle, which he took to straight away.  This will ensure that when we have to take him away from mum later he will take to the bottle easily.

At 9.40pm the birth of her second kid, Pentop Bluebell, was much less painful and she popped out quite quickly.  Again she took to cleaning her straight away and again Irene gave her some colostrum which she too took from the bottle.

By the time Bluebell was born, Bramble was already trying to get on his feet and he succeeded soon after Bluebell was born.  She took a little longer but within the hour they were both on their legs and looking for food!

We gave mum a welcome warm drink of water with molasses and she drunk a whole litre! We stayed with them until mum had passed the afterbirth and we cleaned her up as best we could then, but she would need a better clean in the morning.  We got to bed about 12.30am.

This morning they are all up and healthy, mum has had another drink and some food and we now just need to make sure mum is cleaned up and the babies are feeding.

All things considered evrything went quite smoothly and we are really pleased that we have a boy as well as a girl, but it remains to be seen if we can keep him as we are a bit short of space, or we will be once all the babies are born.  Hopefully we won’t have too much trouble in finding new homes for those babies we can’t keep.

We will be doing this all over again in about 4 weeks time!



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