Some New Arrivals?

Our two sheep, Mollie & Millie, are our pets and although we intended to breed from them for various reasons it never happened.  Now they are both a bit too old to be having their first babies.

Over the last few seasons we have always purchased a couple of ‘molly’ (orphan) lambs and bottle fed them and at the appropriate time sent them off to the abbattoir.  Last year we didn’t bother, again for various reasons, and our stock of ‘home grown’ meat is now very thin on the ground.

We recently went to the local supermarket and realised how expensive meat has become which focused our attention considerably, to say the least.

Well fortunately we have lots of local farmer friends who breed a lot of sheep and they always have ‘mollies’.  For many farmers they can be a bit of a drain on their time if they have to bottle feed them and the cost of milk repacer is very expensive.  Sometimes they will manage to foster the mollies on another ewe who has only one lamb, but if not often the future of these babies is not bright!

Anyway we have agreed with a friend of ours to have a couple of mollies which we will be picking up tomorrow.  In the short term we need somewhere to keep them before they can go out in the paddock, so we have set up a pen in the Hay Shed using a couple of hurdles.  We have light & electricity in there so if they need warmth we can provide it!

So its back to bottle feeding babies again and lots of cuddles.  At least this time we will have some goats milk for them as we will soon be milking Allysum .

And here they are!


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