Cause for concern?

Bluebell is giving us cause for concern at the moment.  She is a little lethargic and keeps stretching her back legs as if she has a tummy ache.  She also keeps lying down and is not as ‘bouncy’ as a young kid should be, especially as her brother is much more lively.  We have noticed that she doesn’t seem to feed from Mum as often as Bramble does and we are concerned he is hogging all the milk!  She is not ‘fluffed up’ or running a temperature and her eyes are bright and her ears are up which are usual indicators of a poorly goat, she is just not as ‘lively’ as she should be.  It could be she has eaten something that does not agree with her which has put her off colour so Irene is giving her a bottle every couple of hours to ensure she is getting enough nutrition.  If she doesn’t improve by tomorrow we will take her to the vets.

On the vegetable front I have finally managed to finish digging the ‘roots’ plot of the vegetable garden and planted seven rows of second early potatoes ‘charlotte’.  The first earlies in the polytunnel are now peeking their leaves above the soil so very soon they will need earthing up.  The garlic and onions inside are growing well and we have lots of seeds in the propogator and modules coming along nicely – cabages, cauliflowers, peppers, melons, brussel sprouts, leeks, parsnips and some herbs too.  We have also planted up half a dozen potato bags and they too are starting to show their leaves above the soil.  This week I need to get some onion sets outside and put in more carrots and some beetroots.  Whilst the value of the root crops is not high as the shop prices are reasonable, there is nothing quite like the taste of fresh carrots taken out of the ground grown by your own hand, especially baby carrots with the first salad leaves of the season!

Our two mollie lambs, sausage and mash, are eager for their bottle every 5 hours and they now come when called.  They have been out in the paddock with the goats but Bramble seems to think he should treat the lambs as ‘battering rams’, so they have to be seperated.  The weather has been glorious these last few days so we have spent some time in the paddock just sitting watching the goats.  They always get curious and come up for a fuss. The warm sunshine has meant that watering has become necessary in the polytunnel to ensure none of the seedlings start to wilt, which will cause a check to their growth.  The smaller modules need to be watered more frequently and it is always a balancing act not to over water them causing them to rot off!

In the house we have been busy taking lots of photographs of our items for listing on e-bay, and this is going very well at the moment.  As well as the local auctions we will also be visiting local boot fairs to see if we can pick up a few items.  We are hoping that if the E-bay business carries on growing as it has done, Gary will be able to give up working and just concentrate on the business, but that’s quite a way off at the moment.

Finally, this morning Gary and his motorbike club had a ‘Sunday Breakfast Run’.  They set off early, about 8am, and ride for a couple of hours and then stop off at a Cafe or Pub for breakfast.  They then make their way home usually getting home about midday.  The advantage of this is that the whole day is not taken up so there is still time to do things at home.

Next week we will be putting more veggies in and starting to get ready for our next goat, Aster, to kid.


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