Bluebell has gone :-(

Pentop Bluebell passed away in her sleep on Sunday Night.  A very sad day for us as it is the first animal we have lost unexpectedly at such an early age.  As we mentioned she was not her usual self over the weekend but there was nothing to indicate she was seriously poorly.  Her eyes were bright, her ears were up and she was not ‘fluffed up’ in any way, which is a sure sign something is wrong.  We did speak to the vet who advised if she wasn’t better by Monday to bring her in, but she didn’t make it that far.  As you can imagine we were very upset.

As suggested by the vet we took her to the vet laboratory in Carmarthen for her to be Post Mortemed and the result came through today.  It turns out the poor little mite had a crumpled bowel so although she was taking in food she was unable to fully digest it and unable to get rid of the waste.  As a result it backed up in her gut and eventually caused her demise.

Although it was small consolation we did take comfort from the fact that the vet assured us that there was nothing we could have done to save her and there was no way they would have been able diagnose the problem.  They said that even if they had diagnosed it she was far too small to operate on and there would have been no alternative treatment.  Although the vet had heard of this problem before they said it was not common and was not hereditary but just a birth defect and was unlikely to happen again.

We take heart that although her life was short she was loved and looked after to the best of our ability.


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