Life moves on!

Well after the disappointment and upset of losing Bluebell, we have to put that behind us and concentrate on the future.

Our next Golden Guernsey Goatling, Aster, is due in about 4 weeks time.  By the size of her she looks to be carrying at least two and possibly three kids and as a result she ‘rests’ quite a bit.  The kids are very lively inside her and we regularly see them moving in her.  Although she is due on the 27th April, Irene says she is a bit ‘open’ at the back so we are preparing for an earlier than usual birth.  All the books on Goatkeeping say that a first kidder can sometimes be a week early or even a week late but she might be even earlier than that.  She has had her Lambivac injection which protects her, and the kids inside, from dysentry, struck (intestinal disease) pulpy kidney and tetanus.

As for young Bramble he is becoming a right little character already at only 3 weeks old yesterday!  He is full of fun and devilment and insists on running away when its time for bed but at all other times he is quite happy to come for a cuddle and fuss!  We have introduced Sausage & Mash to the herd and they are getting on very well.  Bramble and Sausage love to play ‘butting’ games and chase each other around.  When he’s tired Bramble goes to lay down with his Grandma Misletoe and it’s great to see them all getting along so well.  The older goats ‘tolerate’ the lambs but still give them a nip if they get out of hand!

Today I started the process of removing the fireplace in the Living room so that we can have the chimney lined and install the woodburner from the Dining Room.  It was quite quick and easy to remove the fire surround and cast iron fire grate as they were not particularly well installed!!  Hopefully someone else will be able to find a use for it.

The next step is to decorate the room and then install the woodburner and creating a fresh mantle etc.  Irene has in mind a large oak beam type effect with a shelf supported on wooden brackets so I guess that’s another project for me then.

On the garden front I have managed to dig some more of the plot ready for the onions and things.  I managed to sow some more seeds in the polytunnel and the early spuds are now well up.  The ducks have at last started laying so we can now enjoy some boiled eggs and soldiers for breakfast! 🙂

As from today I have a weeks holiday from work so I am hoping the weather holds so that I can get more work done both at home and in the garden.



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