Things go from bad to worse

Our second GG Nanny, Aster, who was actually due in about 4 weeks time, surprised us totally by giving birth early today.  We were checking on them and couldn’t see where Aster was as she is usually with the rest of the herd, who were outside enjoying the sun. We located her in a pen, not her own, and she had already given birth to a little girl who was already on her feet and being cleaned by mum.  She is a bit small but otherwise healthy.

We waited with her for the next kid to be born and usually this happens within 20 to 30 minutes, but every time she contracted nothing was happening and she started to get distressed.  We started to examine her and could feel only one foot so we called our friends nearby, who also keep lambs and have kept goats in the past, and we called the vet.  Our friends arrived quite quickly with some pull chords but they had difficulty getting a purchase to help the kid out.  The vet arrived shortly after and went in and managed to get the foetus out.  Unfortunately it was already dead and had been for at least 24 hours according to the vet and is probably why she gave birth early otherwise the dead kid would have poisoned the girl and we would have lost them both.  He had already started to swell up which was why she couldn’t give birth to him herself.

The little girl fed from mum okay and mum cleaned her up nicely.

Anyway, later that day after putting all the goats to bed, Irene found that Bramble, the little billy kid had got into Asters Pen and was laying next to the little girl and mum was on the other side.  Irene then noticed that Aster’s udder was nearly empty and Allysum’s, his mum, was very full!  Obviously he had decided to help himself so Irene had to give the girl a bottle and milk Allysum to relieve her udder.

The worry is that if Bramble strips Aster out she could go into ‘shock’ so we have since swapped them over in their pens so that Bramble is next to his Grandma’s and Angelica is next to Aster and her baby.  We will need to leave the two of them in their pen for a couple of days to make sure she is feeding okay and to stop Bramble nicking the milk.  We hope that Aster doesn’t think Bramble is hers as she probably realises she gave birth to two, but also that Allysum doesn’t think the new girl is her one that died!

Animals can be so contrary at times!  We need to keep and eye on them.


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