Things start to improve!

With what went on with the birth of our new little girl, whom we have named Blossom by the way, we sought advice from our colleagues in the Golden Guernsey Goat Society of which we are members.  Being a rare breed we needed to ensure that we gave her every chance to thrive.

We were advised that if she was indeed 3 weeks early, then her chances of survival were slim! As you can imagine we were very concerned.
As the billy we used was kept penned seperately away from the girls, and was only
introduced to them when they were ready, and we were always present and kept him on a
collar and lead,  there was no possibility he could have got to Aster at any earlier time.

Blossom certainly did have very short teeth, which is a sure sign she was premature.  The only thing we can think of is that when we transferred the information from one calendar to the next, we made an error.

When Blossom was 2 days old she weighed only 2.4Kgs then, so would have been
lighter at birth. The folowing day she weighed nearly 3kgs so we were very
relieved that she was suckling okay and thriving. The dead billy was heavier
than her but unfortunately we didn’t weigh him!

Blossom at 5 days

However, now one week later Blossom is thriving, running around like a young kid
should and is inseperable from Bramble who is now just over 4 weeks old, and
they snuggle up together at night.

As we suspected, Bramble is definately suckling from BOTH mothers, which is very unusual!!   Aster seems more than happy and Allysum, his mum,  doesn’t seem to mind.
It’s working out well for us as we have to milk Allysum to relieve her udder and no doubt
we will have to do the same with Aster soon.

Blossom’s horn buds are starting as we can feel a spot under the skin, so we
will have to take her to the vet soon to be disbudded, but she is so tiny.  We will make sure they are definately growing before we make the call.

Fingers crossed we are now out of the woods with Blossom.

Blossom in a Bucket

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