More concerns?

In the last couple of weeks things have been a bit manic, to say the least. The weather has been particularly wet (what’s new in Wales?) making our daily chores more of a daily grind.  Glad to say Aster is fine as is her kid, Blossom, who is growing at a steady rate.  The kids have been seperated from their mums at night so that we get first take of their milk in the mornings.  It means we have to give the kids some milk from the bottle but at least we ensure they don’t nick all the milk.

We have been unable to get on the ‘allotment’ due to the weather so things are a bit behind and we are struggling to keep the seedlings going until we can plant them out.  The ground is absolutely sodden but fortunately we are able to plant in the polytunnel.

We have had the decorators in to give the Living Room a nice spruce up in preparation for the chimney to be lined so that we can have greater control over the woodburner.  This will mean that next winter we can stay using the living room instead of moving into the dining room because the living room was so difficult to keep warm!

Irene’s e-bay business is doing well despite the recession with lots of little nik naks selling well.  The auctions we attend are proving very profitable as we are getting to know what sells and what doesn’t.  Trouble is we are struggling to keep up with the demand at times but we mustn’t complain!

The lambs are growing well and getting on fine with the goatlings.  They will be out in the paddock tonight for the first time since we had them instead of being in their pen.  They have a field shelter to get into if the weather turns bad, but they are old enough to stay out now which would be already if they were still with their mums.

Allysum gave us a scare this morning and had to be taken to the vets (more money on the bill!)  Although she came up willingly to be milked, she gave less than expected and completely refused her food, which is very unusual for her.  When back in her pen we noticed she was a bit wobbly on her back legs and kept grinding her teeth, a sure sign she was in pain.  The vet thought she had mild colic and gave her a couple of injections, one to relax her muscles and an antibiotic jus in case.  Later this evening she seemed fine and tucked in to her supper as usual, so we hope she is okay.  The down side is we won’t be able to use her milk for us for a week or so but, as Aster is now milking okay, we won’t go short.

One other surprise today is that a gent who has taken our horse manure a couple of times saw Allysum in the back of our car and promptly informed us that he was a commercial goat keeper for many years!  We think he is someone we need to cultivate for help and advice in the future.

Well its now gone 11pm and time for sleep!


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