On Tenterhooks!

Angelica, our last ‘Mum to Be’ is keeping us waiting.  She was due on Tuesday 15th but as of today, she is still keeping us waiting.  We are sure the changeable weather has something to do with it.  She looks very tired and lays down a lot and struggles to get up for her food.  She looks like a ‘beached whale’ so we hope she doesn’t keep us waiting for much longer.

Bramble, our very handsome Billy, has become very affectionate and is always after a fuss.  He is growing up nicely and is developing a nice confirmation and should make a good stud goat later on.  We will probably have to build a new pen for him but it should be worth it.  The only down side has been that his ‘disbudding’ was not as successful as it should have been and he has started to grow some thin grotty horns.  We had to take him back to the vets who were reluctant to do anything but as we said we were keeping him for now, and they should have done the job properly in the first place, they had another go.  His poor head looks a mess but we hope over time it will look okay.

The weather has remained very changeable and we are way behind in the vegetable garden.  We now have some cabbage, cauliflower and brussells plants outside and the potatoes and onions are up but we have managed to plant litle else.  The potatoes in the polytunnel are now producing new potatoes but the other plants are really struggling.  This weekend is supposed to be dry so hopefully we can get a lot more done – there’s certainly a lot of weeding to do!

Since we had the living room done, our decorators have been back to finish tongue & grooving the landing ceiling and freshening up the walls and paintwork so we have now managed to freshen up 3 areas of the house.  We are hoping to get the bathroom ceiling done before the winter which will help to keep the upstairs warmer this winter and we will finally get the utility room finished too!

We managed to obtain a cheap second-hand porch for the front of the house.  Brand new they are only £400 but we thought it would help having a porch where we can put our boots and things.  It still needs a concrete base and all the windows need sealing with sealant etc., but once its done it will keep the worst of the weather off the front.

The lambs are growing nicely but are still on the bottle.  They are really friendly and, like the goats, are always looking for a fuss.  We just hope that they stay this way as they get older.

The problem with Allysum was short-lived and has not returned, thank goodness.  She is giving us plenty of milk, as is Aster, and they are both fit and healthy.  They even make their own way up to the milking stand morning and evening and are used to their routine.  Bramble still helps himself to milk from his aunty Aster and she still lets him!!

We still have lots to do.  A couple of the pens need re-roofing, some of the fencing needs repairing as well as all the planting etc.  Our external walkway needs re-roofing, the garden needs tidying and a myriad of other jobs still need doing.  We certainly won’t have time to get bored!


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