They’re Here!

As is often the case, we mention that we are still waiting and along they come.!

Angelica started to show signs around 7pm and was off her food at her normal feeding time of 8.30, a sure sign the babies were on the way.

We got all the paraphenalia ready and settled down for a long wait (well Irene did, I just sat in front of the Telly until I was needed)  Fortunately it wasn’t too late as at 11.30pm Irene texted me to say they were on their way.

So at 12.01am Pentop Angelica gave birth to a lovely healthy girl that we have named Pentop Blodyn, which is welsh for flower.  At 12.10am she gave birth to another lovely girl that we have named Pentop Buddleia or ‘buddy’. Both babies were on their feet within 10 minutes and suckling from mum soon after.

We were starting to worry as ‘Mum’ was nearly 4 days overdue, but we needn’t have as the birth was relatively straightforward and the kids a good size.  Comparing them to Blossom we have no doubt that our dates were correct and Blossom was about 3 weeks early, so its a miracle she survived.

 Our biggest surprise is that Buddy is a chocolate brown colour!

We did video the birth and after we have given mum some time to get to know her kids we be taking lots of photo’s for later upload.

We are now the proud keepers of a Herd of 9 goats, 5 Golden Guernsey’s and 4 British Guernsey’s.  We may need to part with some of them later but a new pen is at the planning stage!  Watch this space as they say!


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