Apologies for the delay in updating – we have been very busy of late and also a bit unwell.

Anyway Blodyn & Buddleia are now almost a month old and thriving.  We did have an

The New Arrivals

issue a couple of weeks back with them scouring but the vet put this down to them having too much milk as Angelica is producing 4 litres a day!  We wormed them and treated them for coccidiosis to be on the safe side, and we have also seperated the babies from their mum at night.  We now collect the milk in the morning, and leave them with mum for the day.  This has done the trick and they are back to normal.  We also had a similar problem with Bramble & Blossom but this time it was put down to the very wet grass.

We have converted the feed room to a new pen in anticipation of having to keep Bramble

Fluffy bundle of fun

separate from the girls later in the year.  He is old enough to mate already but the girls will not come into season until September or October, so in the meantime we are using this pen for housing the babies overnight.  They are already used to the routine and take themselves off to their pen after the mums have been ‘milked’ in the evening (which is a bit of a joke as there is no milk left to be had!)  They keep each other company and snuggle up together for the night.  Bramble acts as ‘Dad’ and checks them over to make sure they are okay.

Ready to face the world!

We have managed to catch up a bit with the vegetable garden in that the polytunnel is now properly weeded and back in production.  Germination this year has been very erratic and several sowings of carrots, beetroots etc., have just failed to come up.  The Potatoes have been really good and the other veg. – cabbages, cauliflower, tomatoes, spinach, onions, garlic, peas, french beans, aubergines, leeks, lettuce, carrots and beetroots are now doing okay.  We are also experimenting with Melon plants this year having never grown them before.

Outside the Brussels and cabbage are doing okay but once again the germination of seeds has been very hit and miss.  We have more potatoes outside doing fine and we now have some runner beans in (courtesy of a friend) and the onions are doing well.  We have yet to plant broccoli, leeks, courgettes, peas outside but hopefully it is not too late.

Cambrian Chimney Liners came last Monday to line the chimney in the Living Room.  It went very well and they will be back this week to remove the shuttering and help us move the wood burners into their correct places.  The weather has been so bad of late that we have still been lighting the fire some evenings just to get rid of the damp and dingy feel.  Hopefully this winter we can stay in the Living Room instead of hibernating in the dining room and the warmth from the chimney will help to warm our bedroom.  The cladding on the bedroom and hall ceilings has certainly shown results already so we should be nice and cosy this winter.

The Stanley oven in the kitchen (similar to an AGA) has finally had its thermostat replaced so that the oven now warms up to the correct temperature instead of cutting out prematurely.  Although it is over 40 years old (it was 2nd hand in the 70’s when it was installed) it still works well and we can still get the spares for it, so it should serve us for a good few years yet.

We had a very pleasant Jubilee weekend with the pub, The Talardd, putting on a ‘street party’ in the pub (just as well as it chucked it down!) with everyone bringing some food and the pub putting on the entertainment of a Magician both for the children and adults.  He did lots of Balloon ‘sculptures’ for the kids and when he did the close-up card tricks for the adults, we were all amazed and entertained at his skill.  Apparently he goes by the name of ‘Jugglestruck’ and is the resident entertainer/magician at Folly Farm in Pembrokeshire.  There was plenty of food for everyone and the variety of sandwiches, cakes and desserts was quite amazing, which showed off the skills of many local people.

Our friend Rosemary has finally sold her property and she will be off this week.  We have enjoyed her friendship and she will be sadly missed, but it is the right thing for her to do now after losing her husband 18 months ago.  We hpoe she will come back and visit us from time to time.

The ‘Open Mic’ nights at the pub are still going strong and it is now becoming a juggling act to enable all the willing participants to do their thing.  Alan continues to do a magnificent job organising things getting as many people involved as possible.  As for the audience it is becoming standing room only!

Hopefully we will actually get some summer weather soon!


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