When will this weather break?

Since our last update the weather here has been particularly awful.  Apparently it has been the wettest April, May & June since records began.  The goats have had to spend a lot more time in their pens which has meant that ‘mucking out’ has had to be done a bit more often. We have even had to bring the horses in a couple of times to ensure they don’t suffer from rain scald or laminitus.  We have also had the fire alight several evenings too as the ‘squirrel’ has been re-fitted in the living room and the new ‘chimney’ is working well.

We were contacted recently by another Golden Guernsey Goat keeper who happens to live nearby.  She had a poorly kid and Irene’s name and number was passed to her as being ‘the goat lady’! 🙂  Irene visited the keeper who lives about 3 miles away and found that the kid was off her legs and refusing to eat anything.  The vet had provided the new keeper with some medication but they were having trouble administering it.  Irene came to the rescue and we are pleased to report that the kid is on the mend and the keeper is a very happy and grateful person.  It is also nice to know there are others nearby who are trying to keep the breed going.

The vegetables are still struggling as there has been so little sunshine and warmth.  There is nothing much we can do about it except to keep on top of the weeds, which don’t seem to care about the weather, and hope that July August or September show a marked improvement.  Really the vegetables should be shooting away and the animals should be out almost all the time, trouble is the weather has meant that most other animals have been kept in elsewhere so hay and straw is becoming in short supply.  We have plenty of grass at home but we daren’t risk putting the horses on it as the ground is still so wet and they would churn it up.

We have reached a decision and decided that Gary needs to retire from B&Q, and he will be leaving at the beginning of August.  He has not been enjoying the work since they changed the shift pattern and he has found it difficult looking after me and getting off to work and trying to get other work done at home.  He is going to concentrate on helping me with my eBay stuff and, with more time at home, he can hopefully get more done in the vegetable garden etc.  We will be going down to one car which will help cut costs but he will be keeping his motorbike.  We have worked it out that we can recoup Gary’s money by working harder with eBay, but it is a risk and if it doesn’t work out he will find it difficult to get another job.

All the new goats have now been registered with the BGS (British Goat Society) and we are waiting for their registration papers.  Bramble is growing up to be a very handsome Billy and he will certainly be required to earn his keep.  We have two or three GG owners within striking distance so he should be in demand.  We are in the process of obtaining a whether (male castrated goat) as company for Bramble when we have to separate him from the girls so he will not spend his life on his own as many Billy’s do.

Angelica, the mother of Blodyn & Buddleia, is giving us over 2½ litres of milk in the morning, and that is without stripping her out.  If we did she would be giving us 3 litres, which is very good for a Guernsey.  We will certainly have plenty of frozen milk to see us through the winter to the time when the next girls are  ready to be milked.

On the health front we both had a very bad chest infection recently which led to a bout of Bronchitus which we think we picked up at the Jubilee Party at the pub.  Even the licensee of the Talardd, John, was very poorly and we all had a period stuck in bed.  As luck would have it Gary was on leave for that week but it really spoilt the last few days.  Even then we still had to see to the animals, so it was a real effort especially with our existing health problems!

Anyway, that’s all for now.


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