Another week gone by

Well here we are, another week gone by since our last update, and what a week its been!

Bramble at 16 weeksLast weekend we advertised on our members line that we wanted a whether to have as company for Bramble when we split him up from the girls.  We had two responses both of whom were quite a distance away, so we plumped for the nearest one which happens to be in Somerset. We had a lovely conversation with the owner, agreed a price and made arrangements for collection.  As ‘sods law’ would have it a third contact came in on Friday from an owner who lives in Brecon, only about an hours drive away!  As we had agreed to have the other boy, and had already seen a photo of him, we have decided to stick with the one in Somerset, so next weekend we will be having a trip to Fosse House Farm. Irene has already named our new addition ‘Jaffa’ because he is seedless!!Jaffa - the whether

Back at home we have been very busy.  I have managed to get quite a bit of work done on the holding by adding fluorescent lights to the goat houses, which will make things a lot easier this winter when it comes to mucking out.  Talking of which, the weather has meant the girls have spent a lot more time in their pens so they have had to be mucked out a bit more often.

Blossom aged 8 weeksFortunately this weekend the weather has dried out a bit and we managed to get lots more done in the polytunnel and outside.  We have sown more seeds of carrots, beetroots, turnips, lettuces, mange tout peas, radishes and French beans.  Lets hope they germinate this time.  We have also sown more seeds of Kale and spring cabbage which should germinate and grow well in the PT for the winter.  We will also be planting some potatoes so they will be ready for Christmas.

Gary brought home 10 bags of ready mixed concrete to do the porch, which we both thought would be ample.  However, today Gary & Wol mixed and laid it and we were about 1 bag short!!  Fortunately we managed to pack it out with some rocks and slate and, with Wol going home to grab a bit more sand & cement, we managed to finish the job.  trouble is it nearly finished Gary!!

We collected our Chainsaw from a local chap who services them and it has come back in pristine condition.  Once I retire from B&Q, in 3 weeks time, we will set to work sawing up all the logs so we will have plenty for the winter.

The two lambs, that are quite big now, are in with the two ewes!  After a bit of argy bargy between them for a while but they have now settled down and are getting along fine, if only grudgingly!  Hopefully Sausage will do his work and we will have some lambs for next spring.

It looks as though we may have sold the little Fiat Punto so that’s one less thing to worry about.  Also our new friends nearby at Maesycrugiau have been in touch and will be coming to visit next weekend, so its going to be another busy time!

That’s all for now folks!


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