The Highs and the Lows

Well what a week we have had!!  After making arrangements to collect our new whether companion for Bramble, we successfully traveled to Somerton in Somerset and brought him home.  It was a long tiring journey but the upside was that when we introduced him to the herd, they all seemed interested and there were no arguments.  It must have been very traumatic for him as he was taken from his Mum today, so bringing him to our place must have been a big shock.  We gave him a bottle, which he relished, and bedded him down with the other youngsters and, apart from a bit of butting they same fine.  Well that was the high this week.

The low has been absolutely devastating.  We have lived here for 7 years now and our neighbours who live in the bungalow directly opposite us have been good neighbours.  They are quite elderly, late 70’s – 80’s, but we have had a good relationship, but as she was becoming more ‘needy’ we started to keep our distance a bit more.  This developed into them not speaking to us for some reason.  This suited us.  However all that changed on Thursday when we noticed they had installed a cctv camera in their dining room window pointing directly at our house.  Suffice to say this has devastated us as we cannot fathom why they would do this.  We have challenged them and they say it is for ‘security’ but we know this is not true as the camera is at chest height and not pointing at their driveway.  Irene feels ‘invaded’.  We have reported them to the police but so far they have been ‘too busy’ to attend.  As you can imagine things will never be the same again.


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