Catching up with the chores

Gary retired (again) from B&Q at the end of July and is now at home all the time helping me with my Ebay business, which incidentally is going quite well. We buy bits and bobs at auctions and re-sell them on Ebay. We are making enough money to feed the animals which is what we do it for. We haven’t replaced Gary’s B&Q money yet, but we will with time.
This has allowed Gary to catch up with some of the chores that have needed doing for some time, repairing fences, re-felting rooves of sheds, painting sheds etc. we have also had to drain the pond as one of our dogs decided to go for a swim, dislodged a rock which pierced the bottom of the liner. Whilst repairing it we decided to remove the Bamboo that a previous owner had planted, so its taken a bit longer than expected.
On the animal front Jaffa has settled down very well and is now part of the family. He shares his accommodation with Bramble who is turning out to be a lovely Billy with a lovely temperament.
We have had some additions to the menagerie. Irene bought a trio of Partridge Pekin bantams and then added two more black ones. They are now sharing the house with our Light Sussex hens and our original Partridge pekin hen. We then found our Pekin hen had disappeared and eventually found her huddled on 5 eggs. She subsequently hatched all 5 but unfortunately one died quite quickly, so we now have 3 more Partridge Pekin hens and 1 cockerel. Not content with that she acquired a Lavender Pekin hen and another speckled bantam hen. To cap it all she put 18 eggs into our incubator and managed to hatch 14 more bantams, 11 of which are white Polish and three are black and tans.
Sausage and Mash, our two Llein sheep are now in with Molly & Millie our Torwen sheep. Despite some early arguments they have now settled down. Hopefully Sausage will do his business later this year and we can look forward to some new lambs on the farm in the spring.
The winter is approaching and Gary is determined to have a good crop of vegetables next year. We are enlisting the help of our neighbours son, Ceiros, to spread the muck etc., and he is also helping us chop wood etc. for the winter. We also bought some compressed logs for the fire and managed to get them cheaper than our local Timber Merchant could get them wholesale! Needless to say they will be in contact with our supplier very soon. Now that our second chimney has been lined it has made a massive difference to the control of the Squirrel Multi-Fuel stove. We can light it easily and it will stay in all night if we need it to. With the little Fan on the top circulating the warm air, the house has become easier to heat. Hopefully we will qualify for some insulation so we can finish off the ceilings upstairs and do the cavity walls of the kitchen.
The fruit cage is now stripped and ready for re-stocking this autumn. The raspberries took a hammering in the winter and many of the summer fruiting canes died off. The Autumn fruiting ones fared better but the whole row needs re-doing with wire etc.
We have managed a few more bits in the garden – a nice arch and gate for the clematis and we have replanted our front bed with conifers. Everyone who goes by passes comment as to how nice it is starting to look! Its only taken us 7 years!!
Our future projects include a nice sun-lounge on the side of the kitchen, some native apple/pear trees in the bottom paddock, and finishing off the top garden. Next year the house will need re-painting. One things for certain, we don’t get time to be bored and I am already amazed at how I found time to go to work!!
Until the next time (which hopefully will be sooner than last!)


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