More issues to deal with but Time to keep moving on!

As you will know from the delay in posting an update here, we have been trying to come to terms with what has happened with our neighbour.

To update you the police finally arrived and we explained the situation in great detail. In particular we mentioned the issue that our neighbour raised about ‘people on disability’ cheating the system, which clearly showed their reason for the camera.  Especially as they informed us that the system cost in excess of £450 and recorded everything 24/7!  Despite our protests that this was an invasion of our privacy, it fell on deaf ears and her final words were ‘I will put my camera where I please’.

The most shocking aspect is, that when the police went across to speak to them and examine the camera, they came back to tell us it was a Dummy Camera!!  A Dud!!!  Why on earth they persisted in perpetuating the lie we can only guess at, but apparently the reason for her going down this route was that ‘Irene had changed’ i.e. she didn’t go across the road for tea or to have her hair cut!!

To cut a long story short, as mentioned elsewhere here Irene is on Disability and has been for a number of years, but outwardly she looks fine as she isn’t in a wheelchair or anything like that.  In fact our neighbour knows full well what is wrong with Irene and the way her illness affects her.  Well, I too have my issues.  After years of suffering and causing anguish to my friends and family I have finally been diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder.  I finally have an explanation of my mood swings, obsessiveness at times, chronic depression etc. a condition I am now aware I have been suffering since a teenager!

Last year, before being diagnosed, I had a very bad episode which caused great distress to Irene and, suffice to say, all her time was taken up with dealing with me.  She didn’t have time or the inclination for ‘tea’ or ‘haircuts’ and so didn’t socialise for quite some time.  The measure of our neighbour as a so-called ‘friend’ was that in all that time, not once did she come across the road to see if Irene was alright!  She didn’t say ‘I haven’t seen you for a while, is everything okay?’ as many ‘friends’ would.  No she just decided that Irene had changed and because things were not going the way SHE wanted, she decided to cut her off.

The good side of this is that when we told all our other friends in the village what she had been up to, despite most of them and our neighbour being Welsh and us being English, they supported us, so she has done us a small favour as we have found out that our ‘friends’ are true friends, unlike our neighbour.

We have now taken steps to protect our privacy from prying eyes by installing security glazing to our windows (one way viewing), re-installing our security lighting which caused them such grievance and installing a ‘dummy’ security camera ourselves.  This one is mobile, reacts to movement and pans to follow the movement and shows a blinking red light!  Lets see how they like it.

Anyway, with regards to Irene’s health, she has suffered varicose veins in her legs for some years which had started to cause her pain.  Our GP is very supportive and immediately referred her to a specialist who seemed unconcerned about the veins but nonetheless scheduled and ultrasound scan of her legs.  Last week she had the scan and they found a blood clot in her leg – a deep vein thrombosis!  She was immediately put on daily injections of the stomach (which I administered) and daily blood tests and started on Warfarin.  As of today, just over two weeks later, the injections in the stomach have stopped but she still has to have regular blood tests to monitor the warfarin levels.  This treatment is expected to last 3 months minimum – but at least she is still here.  I dread to think what could have happened if the clot had moved!  As I said to Irene, having one clot was enough (i.e. ME) she didn’t need two!

Now for those of you who have read this far, for which I thank you, I now have to tell you that after years of suffering and visiting the doctors on so many occasions for problems with her health, the Specialist Consultant Rheumatologist has confirmed that Irene has Fribromyalgia.

Although not a pleasant condition Irene is at last vindicated by her efforts to find out what was wrong with her after so many years of suffering.  The Consultant was pleased that she was doing all the right things to manage her condition but his main advice was for her to avoid stress as much as possible.  With what has gone on with our neighbour that is easier said then done!  However, I can breathe a sigh of relief that we now know what it is and can work with and manage her condition.  The consultant agreed that the animals were an invaluable part of her ‘managing’ the condition as they require attention irrespective of whether she feels like it or not, which gives her a reason to get out of bed in the mornings despite her pain.

For anyone interested, I have included a link to what FMS is, and below you will find a video which explains the condition.  Unfortunately, some individuals will never understand her condition and will continue to think there is nothing wrong with her.  All we can hope is that they will eventually be educated.




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