UKIP candidate Margot Parker accuses top Eurocrat of breathtaking arrogance

UKIP candidate for the European elections Margot Parker today accused top Eurocrat Viviane Reding of “breathtaking arrogance” for claiming that the British people do not know enough about the EU to decide whether their country should continue being a member.

Mrs Reding, the vice president of the European Commission, claimed that the British people would not be able to take an “informed decision”.She also boasted that 70 per cent of British law was now made in Brussels – just as UKIP has argued in recent years.

East Midlands UKIP candidate Margot Parker said: “This is breathtaking arrogance from Mrs Reding. At least she is being open now about just how dominant the Brussels machine is over British politics.

“But her attitude towards the British public – basically saying they are not clever enough to vote on their own future – is outrageous.

“The Brussels elite is clearly running scared of the common sense of the British people who have seen through their failing political empire. We should have already had a referendum on EU membership, but the LibLabCon political class has withheld it.

“Anyone who wants to send a clear signal to our own political class as well as to the Brussels elite should do so by voting UKIP in the European elections. That is the way to send a shockwave through the system and remind the political establishment that they are our servants, not our masters.”


(Re-Posted from Ukip.org)

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