Due to Irene’s condition we had to say goodbye to the goats. It was a very sad and upsetting time and we still think of them often now they are in their new homes. We may get a couple more at some stage, just for the milk, but we will make sure the ‘herd’ stays very small.

Gary has been busy decorating the outside of the house but it will take time because there’s a lot to do and painting between the showers. We have chosen a traditional cottage colour more in keeping with the age of the house and the response from friends has been mostly positive. We like it.

As a result of answering a cry for help, we re-homed lots of chickens last year, about 60 in all. We have managed to re-home most of them and we have kept about a dozen for ourselves. We also rescued a few rabbits which has since grown into a Rabbit Rescue of over 40 rabbits now, called Rhos Rabbit Rescue! Irene does like to be kept busy. The ducks are still laying and we have some geese now too.

We have also rescued two lovely Doberman dogs. Dexter, who we got at 7 months old, is an absolutely lovely natured boy and is now coming up for two, and Lucy, a lovely bitch of the same age, also has a lovely temperament. They have become a very important part of the family and give us a good excuse to get out more.

We still have the sheep and horses but two of the Jack Russels have now gone. It’s a long story I won’t bore you with.

I am hoping to update this blog a bit more often now that I have a little more time.


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