Still moving on

House is nearly all painted, just a couple of gable ends and the chimney stacks to de done, but the weather seems to be constantly against us lately.  We have done quite a bit of tidying up and have cleared the ground by our back gates where we park Gary’s car. Over the years, various amounts of ‘rubbish’ have been piled up to the point that the hedgerow no longer grows and it always looks a mess.  After 2 lorry loads of rubble, soil & rubbish it looks much better and the new gate and fence that Gary has erected certainly transforms the look.  We did cheat as we got someone in with a digger to do the hard work otherwise it would have taken us a month of Sundays.

On a different note, Irene went into hospital last week after yet another abscess in her mouth, the 4th in 12 months, wouldn’t respond to anti-biotics!  Although she managed to get the anti-biotics prescribed by the locum at our surgery, our normally calm and polite GP was neither calm or polite when she asked if she should go to hospital or should she wait for the drugs to work as her condition was not improving.  His response was, “I am a doctor not a dentist. If you had problems with your electrics you wouldn’t call a plumber” finishing off his sentence with ‘I don’t want to see you here about your dental problems’.  Now, I don’t know about you but we are regularly being told that A&E is being clogged up with non-emergencies, so it seemed reasonable to seek the doctors opinion before adding to the queues if it wasn’t necessary.  As it turned out we went to casualty at Morriston in Swansea and, to cut a long story short, she was admitted and ended up having several teeth removed under general anaesthetic, something that Irene has been waiting for for over a year!  At least the worst is over and she is on the mend, but I think we need to discuss this issue with our GP.

On the animal front, the Rabbit Rescue is now full so we cannot take any more.  We have managed to re-home a few but we still have a largenumber.  The dogs are doing well, Gary takes them for walks twice a day, but this still seems to be not enough for them.  The vet would like them to lose a little weight so we are working on it.  Both dogs enjoy the beach so we will be taking them there as often as possible, but back home, neither of us can walk too far or quickly and neither of us can ride a bike.  They both enjoy games with a ball, frisbee etc., but they need to be played with separately as no sooner we start than Lucy nicks the ball, frisbee etc., and runs off with it!  It’s not helped that Lucy has recently been spayed so she is not allowed vigorous exercise for at least two weeks and has to be walked on a lead.  However, Gary has taken to giving Dexter an afternoon ‘run’ by using our Power Trike.  This saves Gary’s knees but gives Dexter plenty of exercise and he looks forward to it.  He will take both of them as soon as Lucy is well enough.

That’s all for now.


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