Back to Cardigan

image image image image image image imageOn the 28th May we went back to Cardigan mainly because of the beach but we also wanted to try out another CCC Listed site.  On the main A487 coast road just outside Cardigan was the Cardigan Camping & Caravan site.  We turned off the main road and into the drive and at first we were a bit dubious as the first field had chickens in pens, there were horses to the left and it looked a bit unkempt.  However, once through the next gate the site opened up into a virtually flat grassed campsite with several gravel ‘hardstandings’  Our arrival meant the site was full and we had the last hard standing!!  The owner of the site was busily mowing the grass and he stopped off to greet us.  Although the site was full it was very well spaced out with motorhomes, caravans and tents around the edges and a large green in the middle.  It certainly did not feel cramped or crowded and we soon got settled on our pitch.  We were starting to get used to setting up and before long the dogs were pegged out, the awning was up and we were enjoying a nice cup of tea.

Once again Poppit sands was our main focus for the dogs and we spent much of the time there, including having some lunch at the beach cafe, which was very pleasant indeed.  The weather was kind to us and we were able to enjoy the sunshine.  At the beach cafe I realised I had mislaid my iphone which caused concern as I thought I may have dropped it on the beach.  I used Irenes’ phone to use the ‘find my phone’ app and it indicated my phone was on the beach.  However, it took me a while to realise that the location of the phone was moving and I was actually finding Irenes phone that I was carrying!!  Once I changed over to search for my phone, it informed me I had left it back at the van.  Great relief and panic over.  We enjoyed the rest of the weekend relaxing and made the most of the electric hook up.

We had a good chat with the owner before we left and assured him we would be back as we liked his site very much, and were grateful for the ‘dog walking area’ which made life a lot easier.  We ended up by getting a slight discount on our site fees. Not bad eh?


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