First weekend away

image image image image image image image imageFor our next shakedown trip we decided we needed an overnight stay on a commercial site so we could test everything was working as it should, and to use electric hook-up. Our choice was Cardigan Island Farm Park, a licensed site listed in the sites book of the Camping and Caravanning Club which we had now joined.  It seemed a good choice as it wasn’t too far from Poppit Sands for the dogs and it gave us a chance to tow our little Aygo that we had christened Warwick Junior!

When we arrived there was only one other caravan on the site so we parked up in the motorhome area which had a slight slope.  We faced the van up the hill and put the levelling blocks under the rear wheels in an effort to get it level but the slope was just a bit more than our blocks.  Anyway everything seem okay and we started setting up by pulling out the awning etc.  I have to say the site was well kept and there were lovely views too, the toilet block and showers were very clean, so a good choice.

We took the dogs to the beach and had a very pleasant evening on site.  That night we realised the van wasn’t quite level and the movement on the suspension was a bit disconcerting so, at Irenes request, I wound down the corner steadies.  That night there were a few creaks and bangs and despite my searches I couldn’t find what the problem was.  Finally at midnight Irene had had enough and went to investigate herself in her bra and knickers.  Looking underneath the van it suddenly slid backwards off the ramps and slid about 12 inches down the slope. As luck would have it the corner steadies I had put down earlier dug into the ground and stopped the van going any further.  A lesson was learned that night I can tell you.

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful except for when we took the dogs shopping in Cardigan Town.  We had done this with Dexter and Lucy but not with Thor.  We needn’t have worried as he was as good as gold, but our shopping trip was considerably longer than we anticipated as many people kept stopping us to admire our three doberman’s!  The dogs loved all the attention but by the time we managed to stop for lunch we were knackered, and the dogs just flopped down outside.  As we ate our lunch, more people stopped to admire the dogs and they made us proud by being very friendly and wagging their tails at everyone.  A good result.  We made our way home on the Sunday after more visits to Poppit Sands and arrived home well satisfied of another successful outing.


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