Update on our Motorhome

Having owned ‘Bessie’ for just over a month now it seemed appropriate to update our adventures so far, and the lessons we have learned.

We collected Bessie on the 6th May, a Friday, and our first trip out was a day trip to Llansteffan on the Sunday the 8th.  We have been there several times before so it seemed an ideal ‘shake down’ trip as the dogs would love it and we were not too far from home.  We parked up at the ‘doggy’ end of the beach in the grass Car Park with the toilet block that is now closed.  The weather was good and we bumped into a gent in a Camper van who spends most of his time on the road.  He was very friendly and informative and we had to admire his impressive flagpole with his Welsh flag fluttering in the breeze.  That seemed a nice addition to our van so it was added to the ‘things to get list’.

We had a pleasant day, pretty uneventful and the dogs had a good run.  I was very pleased the way Bessie handled, she drove very well, but it was funny watching Irene ‘lean’ around the bends which she told me was due to her fear that she would ‘tip over’.  Fortunately she is not top heavy so that likelihood is extremely remote and we would have to be doing speeds which Bessie, unfortunately, is incapable of reaching!  Hopefully Irene’s fear will subside as we get out and about more.



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