A Life Lesson

Rusty pipeAs you will know from our previous posts, we bought our 20 yr old Motorhome back in May and we got it for a good price complete with a small car to tow behind. We have been away every weekend since and I have done some upgrades to her – Inverter, extra battery, solar panel etc. Yesterday a gentleman turned up to install our latest addition, Cruise Control!! He soon got started but my heart sank when he came up from under the van covered in brake fluid! Whilst examining the underside to locate where to put the transducer his shoulder nudged a rusty brake pipe and that was it, fluid everywhere. When we bought her the MOT had been done less than a month previously and yes, there were advisories on corroded brake pipes, BUT, and this is a big BUT, the examiner is not allowed to prod or poke any suspect pipe but is only allowed to look for leaks. If there are no leaks, which there wasn’t at the time, then he has to pass it but with an advisory. Now I don’t blame the previous owner as I know he would be mortified to think he had put me and my wife at risk, after all he is not the MOT examiner, and it seems I have no redress against the garage that carried out the MOT. So this is just a reminder to everyone. The MOT certificate is not worth the paper it is written on. All it tells you is that, on the day of the test, the vehicle passed the examination. The fact is, the previous owner could have driven the Moho out of the garage and had a serious accident immediately. As luck would have it the fault was found whilst it was parked in our yard, but I shudder to think what could have happened! Needless to say she is off the road until our local garage collects it tomorrow and gets on with the job of replacing ALL the brake pipes as I have asked him to do. So just be aware everyone, it always pays to have your vehicle looked at by someone independent after you have purchased it.


‘Bessie’ was returned to us one day early on Thursday and the garage have done a wonderful job.  Whilst it was in the garage I took the opportunity to have a look underneath and I am pleased to say she is in remarkably good condition for her age.  The duff brake pipe has been replaced but the remainder were okay as they had been covered in grease!  The rusty bit was the piece they missed.  They have re-greased the pipes, bled the system with new fluid, naturally, and the brake pedal is rock hard. Nice.  All in time for our next trip away!


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