More Travels (or should that be travails!)

Since our trip to Cardigan in June we have been away almost every weekend since.  We have been back to Poppit Sands a couple of times, once spending the night in the Car Park near the beach.  That has come to an end unfortunately as the council have re-introduced parking charges (not bad really at £5 for the day) but, they have also imposed ‘no overnight camping/parking’, which rules us out.  Why is the UK so crap at catering for motor homes and camper vans?  Maybe we have a disease or something!

We have spent a few weekends down at Burry Port where quite a few vans congregate over the weekend and, as the dogs are allowed on the beach 365 days a year, it makes a welcome change from most other beaches.  Believe it or not, most people clean up after their dogs and I haven’t seen any ‘mess’ there in the 4 times we have visited.  Our last visit there was a bit of a disaster though.  As the Motorhome area is right next to the Millenium Park we decided to have a leisurely walk with the dogs, as there is a cafe ‘not too far away’ from the van, well that’s what I told myself and Irene.  However, it was much, much further than I thought and by the time we got there to have some lunch, we were both tired but Irene more so.  We were dreading the walk back especially as the weather had taken a turn for the worse (what a surprise here in Wales!) and it was chucking it down.  I offered to walk back on my own and pick up ‘Warwick’, our little car, but this meant Irene would have to wait at least an hour or more before I was able to pick her up.  We decided, against our better judgement, to walk back.  Big mistake, BIG!  If it took us a long while to get to the cafe it took even longer to get back and I thought Irene wasn’t going to make it, and she nearly didn’t. We plodded on for what seemed like hours and when we finally arrived at the van, poor Irene was freezing, soaked and shaking uncontrollably.  I got her in the van, made her a hot drink and changed her wet clothes, and let her sleep for a while.  Our punishment for my foolishness was Irene having to spend a week in bed recovering with me having to look after her, the house and the dogs.  Serves me right, I won’t make that mistake again.



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