More issues with the van

Our trip to Talgarth was very enjoyable, however on the return trip I felt sure there was a little bit of clutch slip from time to time, especially when the cruise control was trying to accelerate back to the speed I had set.  Irene confirmed that she too could hear it which meant another visit to the garage when we got home.

As it happened they couldn’t fit her in until Thursday and as a result couldn’t guarantee we could have her back for the weekend so we planned for another weekend at home to catch up with some of the jobs that needed doing.

On Saturday 6th I saw that ‘Bessie’ was up on the hoist so popped in to see how she was doing.  As it turned out they had just replaced the clutch plate and cover and they showed me the one they had removed.  The poor thing was rusty as hell, no doubt having suffered the Motorhome curse of being left standing for most of its life!  The clutch plate itself was black, a sure sign it had been slipping and overheating, but to be fair she still hadn’t let us down.  The downside was whilst dealing with the clutch one of the lads noticed a ‘bulge’ in the flexible brake hose on the front offside.  It was right up under the wheel arch where the fixed pipe converts to flexible hose and was barely noticeable, but once again no chances were being taken and all the flexible hoses were to be replaced.  Unfortunately due to her age the hoses were not kept in stock by the garage or the motor factors and had to be ordered in but would be here by Monday.

Sure enough Monday came, the hoses arrived and were changed, and, as stated, Bessie was delivered back to us yesterday about 6pm.  I have to say that the service we have received from the garage, Nant Yr Hendre in Llanllwni just across the road, has been first class.  My only concern will be when the dreaded bill arrives as, after all the work they have done so far, its not going to be cheap.  However, after the bargain price we paid for Bessie, it will all be worth it to have her in tip-top condition.

Anyway, when Bessie was delivered, this was the usual time for taking the dogs out so I suggested we give Bessie a run down to the beach to exercise the dogs, killing two birds with one stone.  Irene got a bit flustered as it meant making sure we had everything we needed for our evening meal and food for the dogs, but we were soon on the road and off to Llansteffan once again.  Needless to say Bessie performed faultlessly, the dogs had a whale of a time as usual, and we had a pleasant meal in the comfort of our Moho overlooking the estuary.  The weather was dry, if a little windy, but still very pleasant none the less.  We returned home at 10pm, put Bessie away, tucked up the animals and headed for bed, very satisfied with the days proceedings.  It had been a busy day for both of us, me catching up with clearing the weeds and rubbish from the garden, and Irene going to the hospital for yet another x-ray to see what was going on with her pelvis.

Our next trip will be to the Western Motorhome Show in Malvern over next weekend.  We are putting the dogs into kennels (Centre Barks) and having 4 days away on our own so we can have a leisurely view of all the new models and dream about a newer Moho!


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