Moho Update

Finally got the bill for all the repairs and I had to sit down!  Considering what they had done it was no surprise really that it came to over £1000 but it was still a bit of a shock. Having said that we did get the Moho at a good price so an extra grand leaves us still in pocket.

This week we are ‘chicken sitting’ for a friend so no trips away.  Took the opportunity to get a couple of very minor niggles fixed on the Moho.  Heater fan only works on full blast or nothing, and the windscreen wipers only occasionally work on the ‘intermittent’ setting, so back in the garage.  We know when the garage is working on the van as they still haven’t got used to the alarm system which we can hear from our house.  Should get it back on Tuesday.

We have finally managed to re-home the ferrets (took them to a rescue in Northampton) and 50% of the rabbits.  The remaining rabbits are scheduled to go at the end of August and we are still negotiating re-homing the horses to a retirement home.  All should be sorted by the end of the year hopefully.


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