Here we go!

Tallest 5 person swing!
The Cafe at Treetops
Tucked up
Tucked up out of the way

Well we’re off!!  The horses are now gone, so we decided to get away for a while.  The horses were re-homed through the Horses4Homes charity and are now on a lovely smallholding in North Wales not far from Pwhelli!  They have nearly 12 acres to graze on and the new owners, one of whom used to do dressage and 3 day eventing, the other a relative novice, will use them for light hacks out in the country lanes as part of their retirement.  It was a real wrench, as you can imagine, but we know it’s in their best interests as well as ours.  We have been told we are welcome to visit them any time we like and we probably will once they have been settled a few months.

So yesterday, Monday the 20th we set off on the first of our adventures, me driving the Motorhome and Irene tagging behind in the Toyota Grand HiAce.  Now that the Granny has its Boot Jump installed, it makes for a much better Day Van than the little Toyota Aygo.  Yes, it’s considerably more thirsty, but it is much more versatile when we are parked up, especially with three big Dobermans to cater for.  The house is being looked after by a friend plus our cctv system is viewable via the internet, so we can still keep an eye on things.  Our aim is just to head north in the general direction of Scotland, where we didn’t get to go at Christmas and New Year.  We plan to take our time and stop off to visit any places that take our fancy along the way.

Our first stop last night was at the Wildfowler Pub in Tr’er Ddol between Aberystwyth and Machynlleth. – a very nice country pub where we had a pleasant meal that was good value.  We accompanied our food with a lovely sparkling craft cider for Irene and a pint of Sharps Doombar for me.  After the meal we settled down for a quiet evening, took the dogs out for their evening constitutionals and then off to the land of nod until the morning.  The Car Park was nice and flat and, despite being next to the main A470 road, we were not disturbed all night.

This morning, the day dawned rather foggy and damp so we took our time to have breakfast, walk the dogs and get ready for our journey to the next overnight stop.  It was really good to take our time, check the web for news, check emails and Facebook etc. without feeling we were pressed for time.  We perused our ‘travel’ books and decided on an overnight stop at the Treetop High Ropes Adventure just north of Betwys Y Coed in Snowdonia.

We arrived just after 1.30pm and the Car Park was quite full until we remembered it is half term!  Oh well, we’re sure it will be quiet later.  We understand the place shuts at 5.30pm so after that time we will have the place to ourselves and can let the dogs have a run.  The Cafe was open so we enjoyed a welcome cup of coffee and a Ham and Cheese Toastie for lunch, with the dogs lying at our feet.  Unfortunately it would appear that there was some gluten in Irene’s dinner last night, probably the stock or similar, so her tummy is rather swollen and painful so no lunch for her at the moment.  Back in the van Irene has had to contest herself with a cup of tea whilst she waits for the pain to subside.  The good news for me is that the Cafe also sells some real ale in a bottle, from a local Craft Brewery, so I have purchased a few bottles to tide me over for the coming days.  It is now 4pm and I am writing this blog on my iPad whilst waiting for the venue to close at 5.30pm.  We will then move the vehicles to a more convenient sport before we settle down for the evening.



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