Day 3 – North Wales – Update

Well we decided to have a look around Llandudno junction and the surrounding area.

Firstly, we drove over to Conwy, just over the river to be confronted by very impressive edifice of Conwy Castle. It’s a very striking and very large building with a commanding view over the estuary.  As we have the dogs with us it was not practical to have a look around the castle so contented ourselves with a drive around the town, and a very picturesque town it is with some narrow streets and a very medieval feel to it.  Would have liked to have walked around a bit but with it still raining we decided to give it a miss.  We did travel up the eastern side of the castle where the pier is situated, but once again the weather precluded us from having a look see!

We then drove out of town and along the main coast road visiting the seaside town of Llandudno itself.  Now this resort really is a blast from the past with many many Victorian style buildings, shops and hotels and a pier. Take a look at the place on Google Earth and you will see what I mean.  I could easily imagine the bathing booths on the beach and the donkey rides back in Victorian times as nothing has seemed to change that much.  I can understand why it is a ‘holiday hotspot’ for some, but it reminded me too much of Southend on Sea before it was re-vamped, not really to my liking at all.

Next we followed the coast road to Rhos on Sea and subsequently Colwyn Bay.  These two resorts are well past their best and are looking very tired and in need of a good spruce up. We made our way back to Llandudno Junction via the North Wales Expressway but decided to follow the brown Tourist Signs to the Welsh Food Centre about 4 miles south on the A470.  This is a very modern and quite swanky (read: expensive) place to buy fresh local Welsh produce (1/2lb of butter at £2.70!), bread, cakes, biscuits and sweets plus lots of ‘gifts’ and to have a meal.  We didn’t partake of anything to eat preferring to purchase a few bottles of real ale, some alcoholic and gluten free ‘country’ beer(?), some fresh bread and some gluten free biscuits.  Irene managed to get some raw bones for the dogs, free, which was probably the best bargain of the day.

The upshot is that we were not very impressed with the area as a tourist destination so will probably not stay another night, but rather take off tomorrow and head east.


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