Day 4 – Storm Doris

The weather didn’t let up for most of the day and evening yesterday and it was difficult even for the dogs to have the time to do their business, before they ran for cover and back into the warmth of the van!  We had seen on the forecast that Storm Doris was on its way and would probably reach us sometime in the early hours.  When I took the dogs out for their final constitutional the wind was already starting to pick up so it looked as if we were in for another disturbed night.  The Storm arrived around 4am and with gusts expected in excess of 65mph it was quite an event to say the least.  As I write it is 10am and the wind is still gusting quite strongly and the van is rocking about.  The dogs were not very settled although Rosie didn’t move all night according to Irene.  We really cannot contemplate driving in this weather so we have decided to stay put until Friday morning when we will start the next leg of our journey towards Wakefield where we hope to see an old friend.  Sadly, his mother died last weekend, she lived in Germany, so we’re not sure how things will be but we will make our way anyway.  The next leg will be mainly motorway driving and will take about 2 1/2 hours, so we will probably have a stop half way for a break.  Now getting ourselves sorted for the day.


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