Day 5 – West Yorkshire

The journey to our next destination at Highfield House Caravan Site in Flockton, West Yorkshire was a bit of an ordeal.  Everything went smoothly for the first 45 mins out of Wales but, as soon as we hit the M56 the traffic tailbacks started!  My on board Sat Nav was telling me of delay of less than 10 minutes, but the Google Maps Sat Nav was telling me of delays of over an hour!  Which one was right?  Google!  After being in the tailback for 45 mins, we crawled close and closer to the Chester Services so we pulled off for a well earned rest.  The services were very busy as one would expect so we made use of our own facilities and settled down for a while.  When it was time to re-join the queue it took us 20 minutes just to get back onto the motorway, which was still crawling along.  The remainder of the motorway journey was all stop-start so instead of pushing on we made another short comfort break.  For a change of routine and scenery I decided to get off the motorway at J23 instead of 25 and decided to go through Huddersfield on the by pass.  It was 3pm by this time and although it was a Friday we should still avoid the main rush-hour traffic, which we did.  What we didn’t bargain for was the 19, yes nineteen, speed cameras we passed on the way through to Flockton.  With the multitude of traffic lights threatening to come between the van and Irene trying to stay close behind, it was more of a cat and mouse run!  Suffice to say we made it to our next stop off around 4.30pm.  Poor Irene was absolutely shattered trying to stay with the van, watching the lights and speed cameras, and when we arrived she was struggling to stay awake!  That’s Fibro for you!  By the time we had got set up and finished chatting to the very talkative Lady owner of the site it was gone 5.30pm and starting to get dark.

Whilst chatting to the owner we were given a short history of the run-down Farm they had bought over 30 years ago, which was now a neat Caravan Site that appears to be very well used during the summer.  On our arrival there were only two other ‘residents’ one of whom was due to leave the following morning.  We soon settled down for the evening and after contacting my friend Jurgen via Skype, arrangements were made for our visit on Saturday.  After dinner we had a quiet evening with the dogs and then settled down for the night.


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