Day 6 – Time for a chat

Saturday morning broke with our neighbour hitching up and getting ready to leave at 8am.  They were very considerate as I hadn’t heard them and had woken up naturally, which makes a change from having my ears washed by the dogs telling me they want to go for a pee!  The site is nicely kept although the yard where we are pitched, as the only available hardstanding, is a bit untidy.  However they can be forgiven as generally this area is used for family and friends and we certainly wouldn’t get on or off the grass field that is the main part of the site!  The toilet block and facilities are fine and are clean and tidy, so nothing to complain about at all.

I really enjoyed talking to the lady owner yesterday as she struck me as being a typical no-nonsense Yorkshire woman.  She described the weather recently by saying that her “ducks had umbrellas” and that one of her “hens had laid the same egg three times, it were that windy”.  What a great sense of humour!

The weather is still overcast and rain is forecast for later in the day but there is no wind at the moment, thank goodness.  Heading off to see Jurgen at 11am and we’ll see how things go for the rest of the day.

Update – 7.57pm

It was only a short run to visit Jurgen in Wakefield, well it would have been if I hadn’t taken the wrong road as I ended up going via the M1 and coming off at Juntion 40.  Needless to say we were a little delayed in arriving but it was probably just as well, as we cannot put up with each other for too long!! 🙂

It was really good to see Jurgen, and Janis, in the flesh so to speak as I only get to talk to him on Skype very occasionally (read that as nearly EVERY evening!)  He hasn’t changed much and he hasn’t grown any taller, but then I’ve always said he is a bit short for his weight.  As you can guess Jurgen and I have been friends for over 30 years now and, although we don’t see each other very often, it’s always good to visit when we can.  Janis is just the same as ever and how she puts up with him is a mystery to me…. 🙂

After a short visit in the morning we had to do a bit of shopping and get some lunch so we went back to the van for a few hours.  We called in again around 4.15pm and Jurgen’s friend Ted came over to say hello.  Ted is one of ‘our gang’ as we all play Elite Dangerous online at the same time and chat away on Skype whilst we play, so once again it was good to see him in the flesh and catch up as to how he and Vera are fairing.  Vera is not too good at the moment but hopefully she will be on the mend soon.

We parted company around 6.30pm and made our way back to the van where once again we had dinner and settled down for the evening. I need to look on the map and decide where we are going to stop tomorrow night. Can’t believe it’s day 7 tomorrow already!


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