Day 7 – So soon?

I can’t believe it. Have we been on the road for 7 days already?  This week has just whizzed by, but it’s been fun … so far!  We will be heading off later this morning in the general direction of Blackpool.  We have never been there before and it will be nice to see what it’s like as a holiday resort and destination.  Oh, and how welcoming to Motorhomers, or not, Blackpool really is!

This morning the weather is okay if a little cloudy but the forecast is for more rain later on today.  The main part of our journey will be motorway driving so lets hope we don’t have the traffic issues we had yesterday.  Here are just a few views from the site.

We managed to avoid Huddersfield on the way out by following the B6118 Liley lane out of Flockton and across country eventually picking up the M62 at J25.   It was a very pretty route and for a ‘B’ road, it was in much better shape than the ‘A’ road that runs past our house.  The Motorway was busy but no hold ups thankfully, however it was very windy up on Saddleworth Moor and the Moho was restricted to 40mph for quite a while because of the strong headwind.  We stopped after an hour at the Rivington Services on the M61 before making the final 30 min hop into Blackpool via the M55.  We parked up on Seasiders way and took the opportunity to give the dogs a walk into town to ‘see the sights’ (see photos).  Considering the time of year, and also it was the last day of half term, the Town and Seafront were quite busy.  Although it is a typical seaside Town, I was impressed as to how tidy it was in general.  After an hour of gentle strolling, stopping for people to pet the dogs, and having a sit down too, we made our way back to the van.  We then popped off to Aldi, just down the road, for some essential supplies, drove back into Town to get Fish & Chips and we are now back in the van enjoying a well earned cuppa.  It is 4.45pm as I write this, the dogs are settled and snoozing and the coach we are parked next to has finally turned off his engine. Peace at last.We are parked in the main Coach Park and the charge for an overnight stop is £6.  Very reasonable.

The Blackpool Tower is a very impressive and imposing structure and during the day it dominates the skyline and can be seen for miles.  However, at night time it is just as impressive as it is illuminated by lights that constantly change colour and is also visible for several miles!



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