Day 8 -Keswick

We awoke quite early today, mainly caused by the noise of the traffic next to the Coach Park where we had stayed overnight.  Blackpool are very accommodating to Motorhomes but we were informed by a friendly Parking attendant that we should have parked in a disabled bay in the adjacent Car Park rather than in a Coach bay.  He also informed us that had we done so we would not have been charged the overnight fee as we were displaying a valid blue badge.  We thanked him profusely and apologised for parking in the wrong spot, although we didn’t have the heart to tell him we hadn’t paid anyway!  The Coaches that parked next to us, all 5 of them, not one had a valid parking ticket displayed, so what was sauce for the goose ….!

We made our way to the local park so that we could give the dogs a run and for them to do their business.  They obliged quite quickly which meant we were on our way around 9.45am.

Having ‘perused’ the map and our camping books we decided to head for the Lake District setting our sites early on at Kendal.  However, Irene informed me that the weeks events, travelling, meeting friends etc., had taken its toll and she needed a couple of days rest to re-charge her batteries as she was feeling quite weary and shaky.  We decided to head for the Camping and Caravanning Club site at Keswick and we phoned ahead to book a pitch.  Unfortunately Keswick main site had been flooded the day before so what spaces were left were already taken, and we were offered a pitch on the neighbouring CCC Site called Derwentwater.  As this was a club site the minimum stay is 3 nights which suited us just fine, so with the weather once again threatening to soak us we set off onto the M55 back towards the M6.  Mindful of Irene’s fatigue we stopped at the first services on the M6 around 10.45, filled up with a large cup of Coffee and then continued on our journey, hoping that the ‘Caffeine Fix’ would kick in long enough to reach our destination in one more go.  Unfortunately the Motorhome was running low on diesel and, refusing to pay motorway prices, we pushed on to the A66 stopping at the first service there.  Thank goodness the diesel was 20p a litre cheaper than the motorway prices and it was only another 20 – 25 minutes to the site.

We arrived in Keswick Town around 12.30pm ad made our way to the site.  The Sat Nav had made the journey quite easy to this point, but at the last moment I lost concentration and took a wrong turning.  We ended up in narrow streets of a small housing estate and fortunately, one of them was a ‘crescent’ so I was able to get back on the right track without having to do a 20 point turn in the road!!

Once at the correct gates of the site (there were 4 sites all next to each other, I turned into one wrong site and Irene turned into another meant for Holiday Homes) we joined the queue of about 6 other vehicles. The sign on the gate informed us that the site would not be allowing us onto our pitch until 1pm so we bided our time for the next 15 minutes chatting to other Motorhomers in the queue.  Come 1pm the queue started moving and after waiting for the other members to get booked in, it was our turn.  We got our membership cards ‘validated’ to show we were aged 60 and over and therefore qualified for a 25% discount on the pitch fees.  Fees turned out to be just over £18 per night, including the dreaded V.A.T.  I do hope we can get rid of that tax once we leave the EU (lives in hope!)

It is now 3.40pm, we are nicely settled on our pitch, Irene has had a power nap and has just popped off to visit the toilet and shower block for a pee and a poke around!  That is one thing the CCC sites are noted for and that’s the standard of the facilities, and this site does not disappoint.  There is really no need to use the on board ‘facilities’ unless it happens to be in the middle of the night.  We will shortly be going to have a quick look around Keswick before settling down for the evening.  Also some pictures to follow!



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