Day 9 – Keswick Part 2

dscn0049Our second day at the Camping and Caravanning Club Derwentwater site has been quite relaxed.  Irene got a good nights sleep and is feeling better than she did yesterday but still not quite firing on all cylinders.  We spent the morning relaxing, taking a shower and generally chilling out until after lunch when we decided to have a proper look at Keswick Town.

The Town of Keswick is very picturesque but the most notable aspect is the people themselves as almost everyone, except us of course, was wearing walking boots or some other form of outdoor ‘mountain’ clothing e.g. a waterproof jacket, a daysack, swiss ‘walking sticks/poles’ and hats of many descriptions!  As we meandered up and down the main pedestrian precinct almost 50% of the shops were ‘outdoor clothing’ shops, e.g. Blacks, Milletts, Rathbone Outdoor, Nordic Outdoor to name just a few.  There seemed to be a surfeit of pubs and cafe’s too along with the usual gift shops, chemists etc.  The dogs as usual attracted quite a bit of attention but I am getting increasingly concerned that Thor is becoming more defensive or protective when on his lead as he often lunges and barks at other dogs.  This has only happened since Rosie was attacked by 3 Jack Russels on Llansteffan beach several months ago, when all 3 dobies came to her defence. Is he protecting me or himself?  Off the lead it is not an issue and at Centre Barks amongst up to 40 dogs, it doesn’t appear to be an issue.  In any event, it does make walking him in town not as pleasurable as it should be as I am having to be on constant look out for potential conflicts.  I think I need to speak to someone about him.

By 4 o’clock it was time for a drink and a rest so we stopped for coffee and cake at Brysons Cafe Bar, and very nice it was too, once again the dogs attracting attention from passers by. As we needed a few more ‘supplies’ we popped into Booths Supermarket adjacent to the Bus Station.  This was the surprise of the afternoon as the store is extremely well laid out and stocked similarly to a Marks & Spencer food store, but the prices were not quite as high.  We stocked up on some local smoked bacon and sausages plus some Lakeland beer for me, and we purchased an £8 stir-fry meal for two as well.  A few other essentials were gathered into our basket and then it was back to the van.

Although we had the dogs with us walking around the town, when we got back the dogs needed their business time and I took them each in turn to the nearby dog walk at Crows Park.  A very nice park but sadly the very wet weather of recent days here in Cumbria has left the grass so waterlogged that it is almost impossible to walk on it without going base over apex!  Fortunately there are ‘cinder’ paths provided to walk on which was a relief.  As I took the dogs out the sun was setting over the peaks and I managed to grab a few photos which I hope show how stunning the scenery can be here.


As the sun went down we decided to try out the stove of the Amdro Boot Jump we have had fitted to the ‘Granny’, which burns only bio fuel.  It was very easy to light and very efficient and hot which made quick work of the ‘stir-fry’ ingredients for our evening meal. Must say the meal was good value and a good size as Irene was unable to eat all her food.

Once again it is late evening as I write this, around 9.30pm, and we have had a pleasant day and a relaxing evening.  It’s time for the dogs final stroll and then it’s off to bed.  Tomorrow is another day.


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