Day 10 & 11 – Keswick Part 3, Crow Park & Moffat

The site here is adjacent to the National Trust park of Crow Park which is on the banks of Derwentwater.  It is very popular for dog walkers and we were no exception.  Sadly the ground is so waterlogged at the moment that if there is any form of gradient it becomes very difficult not to slip and slide all over the place.  For some reason the dogs don’t seem to have an issue with it at all, I can’t think why!

Considering that the dogs usually get a couple of un-leashed runs a day at home and so far they haven’t had the freedom to ‘run about’ as they would normally, they have been remarkably well behaved.  We decided this morning to give them a run in Crow Park and, knowing how ‘demented’ they can be first thing, we checked the coast was clear before letting them off lead to run free.  They quickly dashed all over the place and did their business as usual but their fun was short lived as another dog walker, with a young dog came into view.  Now our dogs are very friendly and are used to other dogs and there is rarely any problem but, they can be rather boisterous and can be intimidating for other people and their dogs, despite the bright green ‘FRIENDLY’ collars that our dogs wear.  This lady was very understanding but it was very soon apparent that her young dog was a bit overwhelmed by them and was becoming frightened and it took all our efforts to get our dogs to respond, considering they had so much pent-up energy to release.  Suffice to say their ‘freedom’ was short lived and we had to put them back on their ‘flexi’s’

Another issue that has reared its head is, what do you do when something you rely on breaks?  In my case it is my glasses.  One of the arms gave up the ghost yesterday and they had to be temporarily repaired with sellotape.  A visit to the local opticians proved fruitless so I am having to use my prescription sunglasses until I can get them repaired or replaced.  The opticians said they were not repairable so I only have two options; use my prescription sunglasses for the next 4 weeks or go to an opticians and arrange for an eye test and new glasses.  Either way it’s going to be a bit awkward.

As we left the site at Keswick I noticed that the rear offside tyre looked a little flatter than usual so I checked it with a gauge and found it had only 45psi instead of the 65psi recommended.  On removing the dust cap I could tell the air was leaking from the valve itself so I hoped that re-inflating the tyre would clear any debris and re-seal the valve.  I re-inflated it to the correct pressure and as I replaced the dust cap, everything seemed okay.  I will check it again at our next stop.

We were on our way just after 12 midday and after taking advice from the Scottish Motorhome Wildcampers group on Facebook, we went out on the A591, joined the A595 to Carlisle and followed the by-pass.  At the M6 we headed north then at Gretna Green, we came off the motorway and followed the B7076 which runs alongside the M74 motorway for much of its length. Apart from one or two slow moving tractors this road was almost empty and we made as much progress along this road that was in good condition as we would have if we had stayed on the motorway.

We arrived at the CCC’s Moffat site, via a slight dead end caused by the Sat Nav, at 2.15pm.  We are now sat on a very flat, nicely maintained site watching the rain fall as we have a bit of lunch.  After giving the dogs a run on the designated dog walk, we will soon have a walk into the town 1/4 mile away and find an opticians!

Sadly Moffat does not have an opticians although one is planned soon.  Local people have to travel to Dumfries for their nearest opticians so my glasses will have to wait a little longer.

As the town is within walking distance for a change, only 200 yards actually, we may pop into town for something to eat tonight.  Several local hostelries offer a 10% discount for club members and most of them do Real Ale too, so that looks favourite at the moment.  The only fly in the ointment is if they don’t provide vegetarian and gluten free!


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