Day 12 – Moffat

Last nights meal at the Bucceuch Arms Hotel in Moffat was very nice indeed.  We had made contact with the pub earlier in the evening and were pleasantly surprised that not only did they cater for Coeliacs, they were also welcoming to dogs in the bar where we could also eat!  Double result!  The only down side as far as I could see was that there was no Real Ale on tap, which was a shame.  However, that didn’t diminish the enjoyment of the meal and dessert, all of which were served with a smile if a little slowly.  The dogs settled after a while but with a large contingent of Freemasons meeting in the bar, there was too much coming and going for the dogs to settle fully and it was a constant battle to keep them out of the way.  My main concern was that someone would tread on Dexters tail  and get a nipped ankle for their trouble, but we managed to avoid any issues.

We returned to the van with the rain continuing to fall but as we took the dogs out for their last constitutional, this had turned to snow and had settled on the grass.  Unfortunately, Thor managed to push out of the van door and chased after the rabbits that had been nibbling the grass nearby.  It took us about 10 minutes to get him back, bearing in mind it was dark, so all we could do was to keep calling him as we couldn’t see him but only hear him running amongst the trees.  Eventually he tired of this game and came back to us and he got lots of praise and a treat.  This site has a secure dog walk so we can let the dogs off their leads for a while, which they need.  It would be really good if a few more club sites had such a facility!

We decided this morning to stay another night at Moffat as we need to catch up with the washing and, with the town so close, we want to have another look around the shops etc.

Update 4.30pm.

Sadly, Gary is suffering from a bout of Delhi Belly so couldn’t go into town this afternoon, all say ah!  Instead Irene went in to find a coat in a Charity Shop along with a butter dish, which gary left behind.  We also needed some Velcro for the reversing camera screen.  Having managed to get 2 of the three items required (no coat sadly) she returned with bones for the dogs and they have spent the best part of the last hour munching away.

We have looked on the map as to where to camp next but, with both the CCC sites and CC sites around Loch Lomond charging in excess of £25 for the night, we are going to ‘wild camp’ instead.  There are plenty of places to stop that are not covered by the new byelaws preventing overnight camping, so we will take a leisurely drive and when we find somewhere with other motorhomes, we will stop for the night.

Now settling down for the evening and some well earned sleep! Zzzzz…


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