Day 13 – Wild Camping near Glen Coe

Sadly Gary’s tummy troubles didn’t settle at all last evening and we ended up going to bed early, hoping that it was just a short lived bug and he would be better in the morning, otherwise another night at Moffat was on the cards.

As it turned out he was feeling better this morning although his tummy was still bubbling away.  We decided to push on so set off from the site towards Glen Coe approximately 2 hours away.  It would appear that all the CCC sites in the Highlands do not open until the end of March and there are precious little CS sites we could use, so we decided a bit of ‘wild camping’ was in order.  The new by-laws in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park came into play as of the 1st March, however we were assured by our Scottish Wild Campers group that this would only affect the really ‘popular’ stops, and not those by the sides of the road, which come under Highways control.

Our first comfort stop was at the services on the A74M not far outside Glasgow, and after that we made our way along the Motorway network, over the Erskine Bridge and on to the A82, which would take us all the way to Inverness.  We stopped for another comfort stop in a lay by on the A82, which was separated from the main road by a small clump of trees, but the noise from the traffic made us realise we needed a place a bit more off the roadside.  It also made us realise not to relax too much because, not far on from where we had stopped, Gary heard an almighty crash and half the fridge contents spilled out onto the floor!  In our haste to get going we hadn’t carried out our pre-journey check so we had forgotten to re-fasten the fridge door properly, nor the toilet door, which had also sprung open.  We stopped at a Tourist Information Car Park and cleaned up the mess as best we could before moving on.

Once back on the road we were keeping a good look out for potential places to stop overnight but it wasn’t until we were about 5 miles from Glen Coe that we found somewhere suitable.  It’s in the ‘middle of nowhere’ and far enough away from the  road to avoid most of the noise and the dreaded ‘rocking’ as the HGV’s thunder past.  Take a look at the photos, we think you’ll agree it’s a pretty bleak but spectacular spot to stop.  The dogs have already settled themselves down so it’s another quiet night in the offing.  One other ‘catastrophe’ has occurred in that the battery locker catch has come adrift.  The bolt holding the locking arm has worked itself loose so when we arrived the door was ‘ajar’.  Fortunately we haven’t lost anything from the locker but I can no longer lock it, so for the time being it is being held shut with a ‘bungee’ cord!

Tomorrow, we intend to stop in Fort William for a short while, do some shopping and top up with fuel before making our way towards Inverness, which is only 90 miles from where we are at present so we should make it to Inverness around 3pm.  Not sure where we are going to stop overnight, or if there’s a suitable campsite, so we may have to have a second night ‘in the wild’ so to speak.  I will need to find an alternative or replacement lock for the locker too.

The first 3 pictures are from when we arrived with the mist shrouding the peaks and light starting to fade.  The last 3 photos were taken in the morning just before we left at 8am.



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