Day 20 – Back to Fort William

Our run down from Ullapool to Fort william was without incident and we did our usual thing of stopping after an hour, having a break and then continuing.

We arrived in Fort William at lunchtime and parked up in the main lorry/motorhome park, which was next to the Lidl Car Park, and set ourselves up for lunch.  Despite the Wildcampers map suggesting that the car park here and across the road were suitable overnight stop spots, the signs were clearly against it.

Now the parking charges are free from November to April, which is a bonus, and many of the lorries had sleeper cabs where the drivers clearly slept the night.  The wording of the signs was very specific in saying ‘vehicles adapted for sleeping in’ so we were not sure whether to risk it.  The whole car park area is under cctv surveillance so if the council wanted to be awkward…?  There were a couple of camper vans also parked here so it would be interesting to see if they stayed the night in contravention of the signs.

In any event, Irene had been into Lidl and spoken to the staff there describing our dilemma and, because of her fatigue, we couldn’t safely drive any further.  Helpfully the staff said it would not be a problem to stay in their car park which was not under cctv surveillance anyway, so before it got dark we moved into the Lidl car park.

The whole Aird area was well lit so no issue taking the dogs for their late night constitutional and we settled down for the night.  The following morning broke with mist and drizzle, not a good oment for the next leg of the journey.  I did notice that the Campervans had stayed in the other car park without issue. It would appear that during the ‘closed’ season the regulations were not being enforced.


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