Day 21 & 22 – three weeks on the road and back to Moffat!

With the day dawning with mist and drizzle we got ourselves ready for the off and considered where we might stop for the night before heading back down to the CCC Moffat Site where we had stayed on the way up.

Our normal ‘2 hours driving per day’ plan would put us right in the middle of Glasgow, so we had to make a decision whether to stop there or carry on a bit.  The wildcamping spot was in the big Park and Ride site just off the M8, and that is where we planned to stop with the intention of having a visit to Glasgow City Centre the following day.

Because we didn’t have a specific spot for the Sat Nav to find Gary was having to navigate by map and once or twice he took a wrong turn but fortunately the detour didn’t take us too far out of our way.  One mistake however meant having to turn around using a side road and, although she was indicating to follow me, an impatient driver tried to pass her as she tried to turn right.  To avoid a collision Irene had the foresight to abandon that right turn and carried on a few yards and turned onto someones driveway!!  I had managed to turn around okay so I waited for Irene to back out of the driveway and we carried on our journey.

We seemed to be doing okay for time so I ploughed on along the M8 heading for the A74M and subsequently the B7076.  Unfortunately by the time I realised we had gone past the Park & Ride we were committed to the M8 and stuck trundling along in the roadworks.  There was nowhere to pull off so we just had to plough on.  There was a service area within the roadworks so we stopped there to fill up on coffee and decide where to go.  We decided to plough on until the B7076, which we eventually did but by now we were getting very tired.

We entered a village called Merrytown and I followed the signs to a nearby park and ride, which just happened to be in amongst a housing estate!  We were committed now and as there were no signs banning overnight parking, we set up on a bit of a slope and settled ourselves in.

The Park & Ride was adjacent to Merrytown railway station, apparently the first new branch line opened in the last 25 years!  It was nicely laid out and very new, but we did have to suffer the automated ‘announcements’ from the station during the evening.  Fortunately they didn’t go on through the night.

By the morning we were being surrounded by cars and, as our  motorhome and granny were taking up 3 spaces, we made a hasty retreat and headed down the B7076 to Moffat.  We arrived in Moffat at 10.30am and parked up at the Moffat Mill Outlet.  The Club site would not accept us until 1pm so we had a few hours to kill.  Our timing was a bit off as, when we went in for a coffee we had to share the cafe with about 3 coach loads of other visitors!!  It wasn’t too bad and after coffee we had a leisurely look around.  Irene managed to grab a bargain or two but I went back to the van to keep the dogs company.  We took them for a walk in the local park and by the time we got back to the van it was 12.15.  Irene popped into town for some more wool and returned in time for us to get onto the site at 1pm.

It is now approaching 7.30pm, we are nicely settled in and I’m just about to feed the dogs.  We are looking forward to the next 3 days of staying put and re-charging our batteries!!


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