Day 23 – A Day out to Edinburgh

So much for staying put!  Irene had her eyes on a low wattage cooker called a Ramoska, which many other Motorhomers and caravanners had said was a real boon, and with such low wattage could be used on an inverter.  The main seller of this product was Lakeland, a company we knew well as we had bought many, many products from them over the years.

Whilst we knew there was their main store in Lakeland in the Lake District, Irene had also seen there were two stores in Edinburgh, so it was that we set off for the city.  We decided the best route was back up the A74(M) to junction 13 and then the A702 straight into the city.  The Sat Nav reckoned it would take an hour and 20 minutes, but my guess was we would get stuck behind a lorry somewhere and it would take a little longer.

The first part of the journey up the motorway was as expected but, as we turned onto the single carriageway road that is the A702, we found ourselves in a queue …. behind a lorry!  We were third or fourth in line but the vehicle immediately behind the lorry was showing no signs of overtaking even when the road opened up and is was safe to pass.  I resigned myself to a steady plod the 50 odd miles to Edinburgh.

As luck would have it, about halfway there just after a village called Biggar we came across the ‘Big Red Barn‘ cafe, farm shop and doggy walk!  It was pretty much empty but with such nice areas to walk the dogs I would imagine it being very popular in the spring and summer months.  The coffee and cake, gluten free too, was very nice and reasonably priced and the cafe itself was very light and ‘airy’ and exceedingly clean and tidy.  All around the room were displays of books, nick nacks, mugs, scarves, bags and other gifts for sale.  We spent a pleasant half an hour here before continuing on.

As we approached Edinburgh the traffic was heavier so we just headed for the city centre as the Lakeland Shop was on Hanover street.  All the way in we were looking for Car Park signs, but there were none to be seen.  We drove down Hanover Stree but we didn’t see the shop nor were there any parking places available as everywhere double yellow lines on the road and kerb meant we couldn’t even use our blue badge. After driving around to find parking, without success, we decided to head for the second Lakeland shop, which happened to be at the Dobbies Garden Centre and outlet out of Town.  This place was very popular and once parked I decided to wait in the car with the dogs whilst Irene went to get her Ramoska.

Some time later Irene returned having successfully acquired her new ‘toy’ and we decided to head back to Moffat.  During our journey the wind had got up and Irene was getting increasingly concerned that our awning might get damaged in the wind, despite it being well pegged down and with storm straps attached.  The journey back was a little quicker and the wind was creating interesting driving conditions, but we still managed a quick ‘wee’ stop for the dogs at the Big Red Barn.

Back at the campsite the awning was fine so after walking the dogs and making tea, we once again settled down for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Not quite as restful a day as planned but there is always another day tomorrow.

P.S.  There have been lots of comments on Facebook about our issue with the tyre, it seems ageing tyres are a common problem on Motorhomes.


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