Day 24 – and then a visit to Dumfries

Dumfries is a reasonable town, at least there are well signposted Car Parks in the centre.

We needed to try and get our spectacles repaired as mine had come adrift again and Irenes had been knocked off by one of the dogs and the frame had split.  The temporary repairs with superglue were holding but a more permanent repair was needed.  We decided to try Specsavers but there was also a Boots Opticians in the town.

We used Google maps to find Specsavers, which was in the main shopping centre, and headed for the appropriate car park.  As we approached the entrance to the car park it was clear the Granny would be a ‘tight fit’ in this car park and, as we entered, the height bar of 6’3″ was only an inch or two above the roof.  It was that close we decided not to risk it and had to reverse back out into the traffic!!  Much of the ‘on street’ parking was ‘residents only’ with only a few spaces for other vehicles.

We found a space just off the town centre precinct, which was a bit tight, but as luck would have it another vehicle ahead of us was just vacating a more convenient space, so we quickly parked there.  Leaving the dogs in the van we walked the short distance to the precinct and eventually found the Boots opticians.  Sadly there was little they could do for us so we will have to rely on our existing repairs until we get back home.  We returned to the site via Aldi to pick up more dog food.

We had intended to leave Moffat tomorrow, Thursday, and head back to Keswick but when I rang through to book a pitch, there were no spaces at either site.  A pitch would only become available on Saturday so we booked that and arranged to stay a couple of extra nights here at Moffat, so we are here until Saturday.


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