Day 25 – a quiet day at Moffat

Sadly, when we awoke this morning the weather was rather grey and drizzly and the forecast did not look any better as heavier rain was forecast around lunchtime.

Irene needed some more wool for her crocheting project so after breakfast she took a short stroll into the village, for the second time, to get some.  This time she was successful and returned with what she needed.

I on the other hand stayed behind and got stuck into a book I was reading by a former friend and colleague of mine, Andy Hayman, entitled ‘The Terrorist Hunters’.  Initially banned by the Home Office it tells the inside story of the Terrorist attacks of the 5th July 2005, the unsuccessful attacks of the 21st July and the sad and unfortunate death of an innocent Brazilian man, along with the investigations into the death of Alexander Litvinenko and the bombers who drove into Glasgow Airport.  It’s a very honest, inciteful and candid account of the worst terrorist atrocity to have occurred in the UK, the painstaking investigations that followed and is a million miles away from the days when Andy and I played golf together as part of the Basildon CID Golf Society!  I considered Andy a friend as well as a trusted colleague of integrity and it saddened me that he was censured for his involvement with the tragic death of an innocent man.  Having read his book I can see how Politics comes to play an increasing role the further up the professional ladder you achieve and I am glad my professional career ended at the level it did.  For me Politics and Policing do not mix and I admire anyone who can steer a course through the political in-fighting at the top level without being compromised along the way.

The rest of today has been very relaxing – reading, playing my ukulele and generally chilling out.  Dinner, a few beers and a wee dram of malt whisky should see the day out!



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