Day 27 – Back to the Lake District

Our trip back down to the Lake District was uneventful and, apart from the rain, quite relaxed and pleasurable.  As recommended on the way up by members of one of our Facebook groups, we made our way back down via the B7076 which pretty much follows identically the route alongside the A74(M) motorway all the way to Gretna Green.

Admittedly there are more villages, junctions and roundabouts than on the motorway but our progress was pretty much the same.  Additionally there are plenty of lay-by’s to stop for a break and give the dogs a break etc.  There were even one or two ‘truck stops’ we could have taken advantage of but on this occasion there was no need.

We arrived at the CCC’s Derwentwater Club site just after 1.15pm, so no waiting to get in this time.  We had plenty of pitches to choose from and with the hardstandings the size they are, there was room for both the van and the Granny.  We did however make a bit of a mistake in that I parked the van hard over with the door just opening onto the grass, with the Granny the other side.  The weather stayed very wet for the rest of the day and even the weekend and it was hard therefore not to tramp in the mud that was now appearing just outside the door.

Had I parked the van hard against the other edge of the hardstanding so the door opened onto the gravel, and then moved the van back about 6-8 feet, there would have been room to put the awning out and there would still have been enough room to park the Granny in front of the van.  Next time!

Once settled Irene popped into town to the Booths Supermarket for a few more essential supplies.  When she returned she commented that we could have done with a store the quality of Booths a bit closer to home.  It is a lovely store, well laid out and with lots of variety of goods on offer.  It very much reminds us of  a Marks & Spencer Food Supermarket, but with prices not quite as high.

Nearby the local Rugby Club had advertised its welcome to campers so I decided to take a look this evening.  I strolled down just after 8pm and the club was reasonably busy for a Saturday evening but I guessed it had been far busier earlier on when the six nations had been on the TV.  I found out the club had been going since 1878 and currently fielded two teams every week.  The first team was top of their league and were due to go up a division at the end of the season, in a few weeks time.  They had been promoted the year before also but, as many of their members were off to university etc., there was a regular change of personnel over the season and they immediately came back down again.  They were hoping to stay put this time around.  The beer was okay and very reasonably priced but the Bar Manager lamented the fact that, despite his invitation, they didn’t get as many visitors from the campsites as they would have liked.

The rest of the evening passed quietly but with the rain beating down on the van roof, and it didn’t stop all night!


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