Day 28 – A visit to ‘Lakeland’ in Windermere

The weather was still quite atrocious in the morning and the beating of the rain on the roof meant that neither of us had had a good nights sleep.

We had planned yesterday that we would take a trip down to Windermere today and also visit the big ‘Lakeland’ store and head office just by Windermere railway station.

By the time we had breakfasted, walked and fed the dogs we set off down the A571 around 11am.  The rain still hadn’t stopped and it was an interesting journey as there were waterfalls everywhere, many of them spilling out onto the road and causing large ‘puddles’ across the carriageway.  Although it was very pretty to see so many waterfalls coming down off the hills it made for hazardous driving on the road.  Some drivers managed to drive according to the conditions but one or two ‘numpty’s’ still managed to send water flying in all directions rather than slowing down.  I was surprised not to find one or two cars broken down with flooded engines!

The trip down was very enjoyable nonetheless.  The A571 took us through some very picturesque villages such as Grasmere and Ambleside, both of which on a better day, would have tempted us to stop and explore.  Ambleside in particular was very attractive as the A571 went straight through the High Street, which was quite narrow, and was one way for obvious reasons.  These places do not seem to have suffered the High Street malaise that many high streets have suffered over the years with very few empty shop buildings, but they still have their smatterings of charity shops.

Arriving in Windermere we attempted to locate the Lakeland store.  The Sat Nav in the Granny was worse than useless and I couldn’t get Google maps to work properly.  After much huffing and puffing we finally managed to locate the store by the railway station.

This Lakeland Store is their signalled? shop and also their Head Office for the company.  It is large and spacious but there are a myriad of wonderful household gadgets within that make browsing quite a headache.  There was nothing specific Irene was after but having been a lifelong Lakeland customer, she knew there would be ‘something’ to catch her attention.  In the end we came away with a foldable silicone casserole dish, some paper cake tin liners and I bought her the latest ‘Ramoska’ cook book.  This little gadget, which only draws 400 watts of power, has been an absolute gem in the van.  It can bake and roast, toast and fry with ease and makes ‘one pot’ meals an absolute doddle.  It will even cook a yorkshire pudding, evidenced by the photo below of a lovely ‘sausage toad’!

We got back to the van around 2pm, had lunch and then settled in for the afternoon.  It was still raining, on and off, and it had become apparent that our ‘waterproof’ coats were not as ‘waterproof’ as we had hoped!  Another trip into town tomorrow was on the cards!

Our 4 weeks ‘on the road’ had ended all too soon.


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