Day 29 – A trip into town

Although we had been here before, a couple of weeks back, we hadn’t spent much time looking around the shops in Keswick.  Apart from Booths and the coffee shop, we hadn’t really had a good look around.

The main part of Keswick Town is a pedestrian zone and is nicely laid out with the Moot Hall in the centre.  There are a plethora of small independent and individual shops catering both for the casual visitor and the hardened hill walker alike.  There are a multitude of ‘outdoor gear’ shops as mentioned previously, all of whom were selling very similar clothing etc., and at very similar prices.  Had we still been ardent walkers ourselves, as we had been in the past, no doubt we would have been happy to spend in excess of £300 for a decent waterproof and breathable jacket of the Berghaus or Rohan brand, but, for just keeping the wind, rain and cold out on our occasional days out, this would have been over the top.

When I look back at the days when Irene and I did some ‘backpacking’ we had all the kit then.  Sadly it doesn’t last forever and 15 years on, it’s a bit much to ask for them to still be serviceable!

We hunted high and low in all the shops, at least as far as our feet, hips and knee would let us, and we ended up in TOG24, an outdoor shop that was in the midst of a sale before its ‘new season’ stock arrived.  Needless to say we came away with two very waterproof, windproof and warm jackets at a fraction of the price of the other brands, despite their original marked price being very close!  The staff were very helpful and knowledgeable which made it all the more satisfying that we had got what we needed.

Back at the van we took the dogs for a walk and once again settled down for the afternoon and evening.

We will be leaving here tomorrow and heading south in the general direction of home.  Not sure exactly where we will be staying yet but it will be somewhere no more than two hours drive away.  We need to be heading into North Wales by Wednesday or Thursday with a view to being home by Saturday or Sunday.  Irene would prefer to stay on the road for a bit longer yet, as would I, but we have some things we need to get done when we get home before we are away again at easter.

It’s all go on an Adventure before Dementia!


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