Day 35 – 5 weeks on the road!

It is now 8.15pm on Sunday 26th March and sadly, we are home!  We left Glangwy Farm around 11am (would have been 10am really if they hadn’t messed with the clocks) and made our way via the A470 to Llandovery and home via the mountain route.

The last 5 weeks have been thoroughly enjoyable and we can see why some people choose this way of life full time!  Scotland was really beautiful and we will certainly be going back again another time.  I have already started the ‘repairs’ needed for the van and the first loads of washing have been done and are out on the line.  We are bored already!

Our next trip is in 3 weeks time when we will be attending the Weekenders MotorCaravan Club AGM and Rally at Lechlade-on-Thames which is between Swindon and Cirencester.  This is the club we joined last year at the Western Motorhome Show and we have only managed one rally with them last year.  This year we are booked on four so far, with perhaps a few more to come.

After this rally we will ‘wild camp’ or book a CS site for a couple of nights as we are bookd into the National Motorhome Show at Peterborough only two days after the rally finishes and, as we will be halfway there, it seems pointless going home for a couple of days just to turn round and drive back again!

It’s been a fantastic time away and we are so glad we bought the motorhome and, taking the Granny with us has proved very useful indeed.  On our days out it has been invaluable as we have been able to ‘camp’ on the road, use the back as a dog kennel and carry the mobility scooter too.  All in all worth the extra expense of the petrol for the convenience it gives us when on site and something we will continue to do if we can afford to.

We are planning lots more adventures this year as we continue our ‘Adventure before Dementia’! Watch this space.


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