We’re off again!

According to the stats on this site, we have been home from Scotland for all of 16 days.  It seems a lot longer and the dogs have certainly become quite restless, so we decided it was time to hit the road again.  Well that’s our excuse and were sticking to it!

The truth is we are off to two pre-booked events; one for theEaster weekend and another 5 day weekend at the National Motorhome Show in Peterborough.  We decided that as our first event took us almost half way to Peterborough there was little point in returning home just to set off again a few days later.

We are members of both the Camping & Caravanning Club and the Caravan and Motorhome Club (formerly just the Caravan Club) mainly for the benefit of using their Club Sites, Listed Sites and CL’s.  Our experience of these clubs in the past means that we no longer wish to participate in ‘Centre’ or ‘Group’ activities and our particular health issues also preclude us from participating in any meaningful way. So, other than doing more long term adventures like Scotland, what else can we do?

Firstly, this weekend we are attending an Easter Rally at Lechlade on Thames with a small club called the Weekenders Motorcaravan Club.  Their base is in Somerset and we met them at the Western Motorhome Show last August and we have since attended a couple of Rallies with them which we have thoroughly enjoyed.  They have been very friendly and welcoming but also there is no pressure to ‘participate’ in anything if you don’t want to.  This suits us very well as sometimes, depending on how our day or week has been, we just want to chill out, but hopefully most of the time we will feel like joining in.

We have been told by our Architect/Surveyor that our planning application has been approved and, save for a few formalities and signing of a couple of documents, the paperwork should be with us by the end of the month.  We hope to start negotiations to sell everything as soon as the formalities are concluded.  Our Architect/Surveyor will be our ‘agent’ in dealing with a few property developers who may be interested. We have already started looking for somewhere else to live, a small bungalow would be ideal as long as there is a garden for the dogs and somewhere to park the Motorhome.

So here we are on the road again.  Our rally doesn’t start until noon tomorrow but we decided to set off a day early as we were ready anyway and wanted to take a leisurely drive.  We are currently stopped at a Camping & Caravan Club (C&CC) Certificated Site (CS) at Clanville Fields, Upper Seagry nr Chippenham in Wiltshire.  It’s a very basic CS which is all hardstanding but it has the necessities and at only £8 a night, is a cheap overnight stop.

Our journey here was quite uneventful, apart from the traffic on the M4, but as we arrived the Sat Nav sent us into the wrong place.  We were fortunate that the lady whose property we entered was very understanding and even her dogs tried to hitch a lift in the Motorhome.  She kindly directed us to the correct site after quite a chat about the area, her dogs and even the site we were going to.  Not a good start to our adventures but hey, everything is an adventure these days and we weren’t in a rush so no harm done.

We are now settled for the evening and soon we will be heading for bed.  The dogs have settled already and can’t wait to go to bed too!

Rosie is settled already!

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